HOW TO Build Your Business Fast Using Twitter & Digg

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Learn how to market your business using twitter and digg.

What if I tell you that you don’t need every social networking site out there, to survive and make your business work. Will you accept it?

Social media is the rave of the moment, and anyone who knows how to market with either of the giants, is entitled to write his/her own paycheck monthly. You can read some social media tips to promote your Business Online by Kevin Moor. I know the potential of using Twitter and Digg and in this unique article, I want to show you how to make this a success.

Right now, Facebook is growing at a faster pace with over 500,000,000 million active users.

But there is a downside to it. If you’re just getting your feet wet, with social media marketing, the best way to begin is via Digg and Twitter. Both have¬†the potential to skyrocket your web traffic, increase your email and RSS subscription and even triple your sales.

I’ve personally seen the high converting ability of twitter. Without wasting much of your time, here’s how to use digg and twitter to profit big time on the internet.

The Power of Digg

digg marketingDigg is a social media site and news portal. It’s among the web 2.0 sites that emerge as a result of sophisticated technologies. But it’s all for your own good because it’s user-edited.

That means you can upload, share and edit content without the need of any administrator. The better side of Digg is that even though you don’t make it to their homepage, by simply utilizing tags, you can draw organic traffic from Google.

There is no need trying to compete with aged sites that have authority, great page rank on Google, just concentrate on niche syndication using tags and you’ll reap great dividends.

Super-Index Your Fresh Content

Whenever you publish a new content on your blog, the first thing you ought to do, is to syndicate it on digg. Why you’re doing this is because, Google spiders crawl this site like every 5 seconds. Even though you don’t appear on the homepage, the “latest” contents section would still showcase your web address and that’s all you need. Make sure you at least target one particular keyword on the title of your post to make ranking easier.

To rap things up, digg helps for fast indexing. Google spiders stores up your web pages and fresh content on their huge database, so that whenever a search is conducted, your web page would be deemed fit to appear on the search top 10.

The Power of Twitter

twitter-marketingTwitter on the other hand is somewhat powerful. You should use it to drive fresh targeted traffic to your site and increase your credibility. Fortunately, the modern digg is compatible with twitter. That means you can tweet your headlines directly on twitter even without signing in.

Facebook on the other hand is good, but it can waste your whole day if you’re not disciplined. The people who use twitter have one thing at the back of their mind – tweeting. Majority of Facebook users are just there to make friends, even kids are there. But seldom will you find a kid on twitter. That tells you that business-like minds converge at twitter to network, share and help each other succeed.

Write Quality Content

Both digg and twitter will only work for you if you have quality content on your blog. When there is crappy content, you’ll still drive traffic to your blog/site, but retaining these traffic is the major problem. Spend time writing your content, it doesn’t take much time but the end result of original keyword rich content is priceless.

Work on improving your online presence, build your brand and your brand will put money in your bank account. Business is all about building relationships that lasts – don’t forget this as you take action now to practice what you’ve just learned.

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