4 Apps to Scan Business Cards on your iPhone

Scanning Business Cards help you create contacts easily. Following we have discussed 4 iPhone Business Card Scanner Apps using which you can easily create contacts on your iPhone. You can navigat through the pages below to view different apps.

Update: ScanBizCards is another app with 27 features (refer comment below for features) which is worth being included in the list. Thanks Patrick.
iTunes Link: ScanBizCards Business Card Reader

1. BizSnap

If you want to snap quick photos of business cards, BizSnap is a great app for you. You can position it on your iPhone screen for the quickest utilization. It has a custom Take photo button that is colored code for ease of use. When you have your camera in focus the color turns from red to green. Depending on how well your software can recognize the business card text, determines the quality of photos that you will achieve.

When you get your scanned text back, BizSnap will score the quality for you as well. Like many of the popular apps that are available today, BizSnap doesn’t just need to recognize the text, it also has to recognize where each word goes and into what field it belongs. If BizSnap happens to recognize the wrong words or information, the process of correcting the mistakes are always straightforward with this handy app.
"Business card scanner"

It is a simple process of copying and pasting the text into their proper fields, and once you are satisfied with the info, you can easily create a contact account on your iPhone with a single tap of a button. There is also a concept called “snap tokens” with this app. Although the application is free, you are required to purchase tokens if you want your photos processed. It only costs six dollars for unlimited photo processing. One unique feature of BizSnap is something called receipt scanning. This is something not always found in other applications of this kind.

iTunes Link: BizSnap

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