4 Apps to Scan Business Cards on your iPhone

2. Business Card Reader

"business card scanner" Another useful app is called Business Card Reader. While the job is processing, this app uses a clever scanner type animation that captures some pretty cool snapshots. This app has some advantages over others in that it allows you to tap virtually anywhere on your screen when taking photos of business cards. This makes taking snapshots easier than ever. The app waits while you properly position the business card before it actually snaps the picture. This is an especially nice feature that not every application can boast of. Just like BizSnap, it allows proper positioning of the card by utilizing on screen markers.

This app also has savvy scanner type animation that does OCR scanning right on your iPhone screen. The scanning only takes mere seconds, and is quite impressive. Once you are satisfied with your information, the Business card reader then allows you the option of creating a new contact account. You can also choose to merge the new info with an existing account as well.

If you decide to create a new contact, the BC reader will save your scanned image. When your contact calls your phone, you will see an image of their business card pop up on your iPhone screen. This can be a bit jarring at first until you grow accustomed to it. Many users prefer Business Card Reader over Bizsnap hands down. It has a savvier interface and is more accurate and way faster.

iTunes Link: Business Card Reader

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