4 Apps to Scan Business Cards on your iPhone

3. WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard MobileAnother application, WorldCard Mobile, utilizes iPhone’s regular shutter button interface. Unlike the other two apps discussed here, it doesn’t offer any on-screen guides. It also doesn’t indicate when everything is in focus or ready for you to snap the photo of the business card. With this application, it really doesn’t matter though, because it is simple to tell when you have the card in focus.

The scanning capabilities of this app are also incredibly fast. If you decide to review and edit the contact info, the app will show you the cropped image and it reflects where the image came from. It makes correcting and verifying a virtual snap. If for some reason WorldCard mobile cannot determine which text goes into which field, you can easily tap back and draw a box around the information in question. This amazing app will immediately recognize the text and store the information where you have indicated that you want it.

You can also create a brand new contact on your iPhone with a single tap of a button. The merging of data from an existing contact to a new one is virtually a magical action with this application. This app works incredibly faster than the other applications mentioned thus far. It is also reliable and simple to learn to use. It will impress any iPhone users and you can scan your contact’s business card info at lightning speeds.

iTunes Link: WorldCard Mobile

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