4 Apps to Scan Business Cards on your iPhone

4. ABBY Business Card Reader

BizSnapThe last app tested is called ABBY Business Card reader. This one has on-screen guides that lead you as you prepare to snap business card images. It scans extremely fast just like the other apps discussed here. It does however have some flaws that cannot be ignored. The OCR with ABBY works wonderfully and it works across 16 different languages. There is also minimal typo correction needed. One flaw though is that it has difficulty in recognizing spaces, this is something you will have to keep in mind with ABBY business card reader.

It also fails miserably and does not respect the iPhone’s address book fields. Cramming your contact’s full names into the first name field along with their complete addresses including city, state and zip becomes a cluttered, hard to read mass of information that can be extremely confusing for the user. Neatly alphabetizing by last name is far more conducive in the interest of saving time. Besides this flaw, ABBY like “BizSnap” lacks a procedure to merge existing contacts with scanned information.

If ABBY addresses these blatant weaknesses and bugs, it could easily rival WorldCard Mobile for dominance in this area. As it is though, it is failing to operate efficiently in its core functionality. Out of this group of applications, WorldCard Mobile is the winner hands down when it comes to precision, ease of use and reliability. It can help you take business card scanning to a whole new level of technological advancement.

iTunes Link: ABBY Business Card Reader

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