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Use These New Instagram Features For Your Business

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Instagram keeps surprising us with new features almost every month.Take a look at the newest features which you should be using right now.

How to Increase Your Brand Presence

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Promote your brand on Instagram by following these five simple steps.

Why Natural Social Media Doesn’t Work for Businesses

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Social media has become one of the most effective brand-building tools available today. Is natural social media good for your business or should you switch to paid social media?

7 Time Saving Excel Tips Every Blogger/Marketeer Must Know

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Save time using these 7 Excel Tips.

Why Is It Necessary To Transfer Your Domain Name Services?

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Owning your own business can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. If your business is based mostly on the Web, there can be a lot of new techniques and jargon to wrap your head around. There are hackers, phishers, and other criminal elements to contend with. And there

FreeCharge aims to become the largest mobile payments platform in India

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A visit to the FreeCharge office is what it took for us to realize how rapidly SnapDeal acquired company is growing. FreeCharge has been processing a million transactions a day and is seeing a 15% growth in monthly transactions since then, FreeCharge CEO Govind Rajan told. I was amazed

Axis Bank Launches Thought Factory Innovative Lab facility to help startups in India

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Axis Bank, One of the third largest Banks in India announced the launch of Thought Factory an innovative lab facility which aims to accelerate the development innovative technology solutions for banking sector. With an acceleration program the Bank has already appointed eight members in-house team to work with the

Play Along With Pokémon Go to Build Your Business

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If you haven’t seen the players yourself — people of all ages wandering around in public areas, their eyes glued to smartphones and tablets — certainly you’ve seen news stories or articles about “Pokémon Go.” You might be wondering what all the hype is about. I’m not into gaming

How An Improved E-Commerce Design Can Help Your Online Business

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If you have been noticing a dip in sales for your business, it’s time to act fast. The dip may be due to any number of causes. One of the most pernicious dangers to your business is one that’s very hard to spot in time to do anything about

No Personal Calls Allowed: Mobile Apps that Every Business Should be Utilizing

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Cell phones have become a pretty integral part of our lives, whether it’s talking with our families or chatting with our friends. They allow us to connect to others in ways never dreamt possible before and are useful in a myriad of different ways. But cell phones are often