Computer Workers Beware: 6 Worst Productivity Killers

When you work on a computer, you will inevitably be drawn to something that will waste your time. Of course, this happens to any worker, whether they are on the computer or not. However, when you work on a computer, one time waster leads to another, and all too soon, the day is gone. Keep an eye out for these time wasters, or you may find a huge drop in your productivity.

1. Email

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Show with a raise of hands – how many have repeatedly checked their personal email while on the clock? Most people decide to check their personal email a few times a day while at the office. In fact, many people who don’t have access to their email through their work computers find a way around this with their cell phones. This can take a huge chunk out of your day in few-minute increments.

2. Social Networking

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Whether you are using the new laptops that the company has furnished or you check Facebook on your phone, social networking is a huge time sink. Not only are you checking in, reading friends’ posts, and updating about your day, you may also find yourself sucked into a debate or reading interesting articles. Though these things are fun, they will effectively kill your productivity.

3. Games

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Have you ever spent just a few minutes playing a casual game online? Unfortunately for many, those few minutes turn into an hour or more. Games can help you zone out for a few minutes, but you must have the will power to get back to work.

4. Instant Messaging

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Whether you are talking to a coworker or your significant other, instant messaging is one of the biggest time-waster culprits. When talking to someone not in the office, you are avoiding doing the work you need to do. On the other hand, even talking to others in the office can have a negative effect. Do you obsess over making sure you say the right thing? Every time you type something and then delete it, you have wasted time. This seems like an insignificant thing, but that time adds up.

4. News and Information

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There are many sites out there that have interesting news and information. You want to stay up to date on current events. However, reading these sites at the office will have a negative impact on your performance. Whether you are reading the news on MSN, or you found an interesting article on Digg, the time you spend reading these pieces could be better spent getting things done in the office.

5. Computer Problems

Computer troubles
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Though problems with your computer are not necessarily your fault, they are still hard on your work productivity. The faster the computer gets fixed, the faster you can get back to work, and back to wasting time in a more interesting manner.

Wasting time at work is extremely easy. However, the more time you waste, the less valuable you become to the company. Keep your productivity up, by limiting how long you spend on time-wasters.

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