Creating a Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

Crowdfunding sites, for example, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Kickstarter have helped get some awesome projects off the ground including

  • A purchaser 3D printer
  • The Ouya computer game console
  • The Pebble watch

Nonetheless, if you have a task you need to discover financial backers for, or you need to make your own fundraising community, there is currently no reason behind why you can’t make your own crowdfunding site. All you need is WordPress, a crowdfunding plugin, and a suitable theme and you could be up and running instantly.

In this article we will examine the best choices available for building your own crowdfunding site, whether it’s to secure funding for your own projects, or to place patrons in contact with designers and innovators.

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding WordPress Plugin

With regards to making a crowdfunding site with WordPress, the plugin alternatives are really thin on the ground. In our past manual for this theme, the AppThemer Crowdfunding plugin from Astoundify was the tool of decision. In any case, IgnitionDeck, who has their own WordPress crowdfunding arrangement, has gained the Astoundify plugin and their famous Fundify theme.

So, now we will be investigating the crowdfunding arrangements from IgnitionDeck. There is a free form of the IgnitionDeck plugin accessible which ought to give you a decent outline of the interface that you can use to make a boundless number of crowdfunding, fundraising, or per-order projects on your WordPress site. However, the more propelled features are found in the premium version, and include:

  • 500 Framework Crowdfunding Theme
  • Front end project submissions
  • One or more IgnitionDeck extensions
  • Recurring donations or pledges
  • Stripe and PayPal integration
  • Kickstarter importer plugin
  • IgnitionDeck ecommerce plugin
  • Membership dashboards and registration

As you may see from the alternatives, moving up to one of the three premium versions of IgnitionDeck will give you the capacity to assemble a complete working crowdfunding site with WordPress as its base. Contingent upon the license you pick, you can have everything up and hurrying to permit visitors to enroll and begin including their own particular items in the trust of discovering financial backers, with lots of options for collecting and processing payments.

With regards to setting up your crowdfunding site the IgnitionDeck group offers a premium valet service in which they deal with everything from installing WordPress, through to making your first venture, with the deciding result being that you will have a working IgnitionDeck establishment. If time is money, then this service can offer you some assistance with saving a lot of both.

Whether you need to have your own crowdfunding ventures in the quest for benefactors, or let WordPress clients. In spite of the fact that IgnitionDeck isn’t a free choice, the one-time expense thinks about positively to the rate sum charged by facilitated crowdfunding services, for example, RocketHub, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter. Others have their own particular tasks, IgnitionDeck is presently the most grounded contender for

IgnitionDeck Extensions

IgnitionDeck Extensions

Another license you pick when buying the plugin, you will access no less than one of these expansions, with the others offering purpose of IgnitionDeck is the augmentations that are accessible from it. Contingent upon the being accessible at an extra cost. Some of the highlights from the library of augmentations for IgnitionDeck include:

  • Constant Contact: forward supporters to your email list
  • Stretch Goals: maintain as well as add dynamic stretch goals
  • Amazon Payments: Utilize the powerful payments API of Amazon

Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

While the above IgnitionDeck plugin will in principle work with any theme, the designers have made a determination of themes assembled particularly to create a crowdfunding site with WordPress.

500 Framework

500 Framework

The responsive 500 Framework is a free theme that accompanies IgnitionDeck and now incorporates with WooCommerce support for taking care of the checkout process. The structure gives you the chance to redo the shades of your site through a visual arrangement of controls, without the need to alter any code. There are various child themes for the system which add an absolutely new look to the basic set of features.



Presently under responsibility for IgnitionDeck group, Fundify keeps on being a prevalent decision amongst those making WordPress-fueled crowdfunding sites. The Fundify theme is perfect for making a site to advance an individual venture, or building a multi-creator, multi-venture raising money site. Much the same as the best crowdfunding sites, the individual task pages on Fundify show all the vital data including the sum being looked for, the aggregate got in this way, and the advantages for benefactors vowing certain sums.

Financial specialists and patrons can undoubtedly discover their way through the boundless number of activities this theme and plugin blend support.



It is a theme aimed for bands and musicians. This theme can be incorporated with the IgnitionDeck Premium transform it into a crowdfunding site. Clients can bolster your task in some way or another of installment with various prizes as you determine. As in the first features of ignitiondeck, people can pay  through  paypal, and others ipayment portal plugin to.

GIG accompanies various facilities that make  it customizable – you can undoubtedly change the shading plan to boundless hues, pages can each have their own particular one of a kind sidebar, and it is additionally responsive which makes it looks great in both desktop and cell phones.


We suggest that you utilized both a plugin and theme. Having a great design which likewise has the features that you require for a crowdfunding site is going to provide you both more believability and move. You will have more innovative flexibility and you will have the capacity to deliver a good set more space to of features.

Author Bio: Maggie Sawyer is a web developer by profession and a blogger by hobby. She works for MarkupHQ Ltd., She provides PSD to WordPress Conversion with guaranteed 100% client satisfaction.

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