HOW TO Earn Discounts on Products You Love

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Have you ever imagined that you can earn discounts on most of the tech products you buy in the market? Instead of buying those products at their normal expensive rates, you can easily save yourself some extra changes buy getting discounts on them. Don’t waste your money on buying things at expensive rates when you can buy them for cheaper rate in the market. You only have to be smart for you to get things at their cheaper prices. In this article, I shall be discussing on how you can earn discounts on products you buy from the market regularly and have some extra bulks to save.

Note: The tips here are not too difficult ones, they are what you can device on your own if you can be smarter.

Buy From Affiliates

Companies usually issue coupons that serve as discount codes to their affiliates. They usually do this when they want to make new customers come and buy their rather expensive products from them. Instead of buying these products from the companies directly because they will only give discounts to customers when there is an auction, you can buy them from their affiliates who will give you discounts off the products you are buying from them.

For example, if I am an affiliate for, they can give me discount coupons on two of their products: Lunarpages and iContact so that I can attract more customers. My customers would be able to buy those products for cheaper prices from them when I give them my discount coupons.

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Buy in Bulk

It’s easier for companies to give you discounts when they know you are buying many products from them. When they won’t give customers that are buying one product at a time, they can still give customers that are acting as retailers and wholesalers discounts from many products.

You can act as a retailer by buying for many of your friends. Of course, they will pay you for buying for them. You and your friends can gather your money together and act as a group that wants many of their products. Then you’ll be given discounts for buying many products from them.

Look out for Promo Periods

Another way to get discounts from your favorite products is to watch out for the periods when manufacturers and companies are doing promo. During their promo period, companies offer their buyers promo coupon codes that will enable their users to get discounts off their favorite products.

The best way to get discount is to buy what you need during the promo periods of these companies.

Become a Regular Buyer

Another way to get discounts from companies is by becoming one of their regular buyers. The truth that many people may yet know is that companies are able to differentiate their casual customers from their regular customers. If you always buy whatever you need from a particular company, you will be in the list of their top priorities and for them to serve you better they will offer you discount for what you buy from them.

Try it today, go to a company you know you’ve been buying most of the things you need from and ask them to give you discounts off the ones you are buying today and you’ll see how they’ll gladly do it for you.

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  1. Best thing one can do is to buy directly from the producer. You’d be amazed to see how much of the actual price is just taxes! Only problem with this method is that not all producers sell to customers like you and me, but some definitely do and it’d be a waste to ignore them.


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