Easy Ways To Promote Your App On Instagram


Instagram is one of the most visited sites all around the world, with over a million active users per day. Though it started as an image-sharing online platform, Instagram has now become one of the best social media apps for people to socialize, find things they are interested in, share their story and even promote themselves. With it’s latest updates, the most recent one being the story update, Instagram has gotten attention of not only individuals but also business people who want to expand their brand.

Instagram has great marketing benefits but one downside is that you cannot add links to your posts. The only way to promote your app on Instagram is by adding the link to your profile bio. Once you get this down, the rest of it seems easy, doesn’t it? That’s a tricky question because there’s more than one catch to using Instagram to promote your app. In order to save you time and energy of researching how to use Instagram, we have put together five quick and easy ways to help you make the most out of this app.

1. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the easiest way for anyone to find your Instagram account. There isn’t any rule on the exact number of hashtags you should use in your post, but some studies suggest that using five is just enough to put your brand idea out there. For example, if you have a makeup app, you could use hashtags like “make-up”, “mobile app”, “make-up for android”, “make-up for iPhone” etc. Keep it simple and easy for people to understand your brand. Keep in mind that your hashtags will be seen by people who are potentially interested in your app. Find other similar accounts through different hashtags variations and follow them in order to make your app visible to them and their audience.



2. Make Videos

Instagram’s newest update is the story sharing platform where you can post videos of what you’ve been up to and you share them with the world. This feature is great for all businesses out there. You can use these videos to show your latest projects, to share your story, or even chat with them directly in case they ask questions in the comment section about your brand. To make the most out of this feature, you should be doing it the right way. Make sure you use a high-quality camera, set the background right, adjust the tones and check if there’s any audio echo. It’s usually a good idea to use the text on the videos and to add mentions of other Instagram profiles. For a more specific audience you can give a shout-out to someone famous in your industry in order to get their followers attention.



3. Choose The Right Username And Bio

A lot of businesses ignore this very important tip when they open their business account. Use a consistent name and photo. Choose an Instagram name that’s the same as your business’s name and use your logo as your profile picture. All of your interactions on Instagram are accompanied by the little thumbnail and username, so make sure it’s something recognizable and professional. Most people simply add the link to their website and nothing more. Write a brief description of who you are and what you do. Use a catchy and informative phrase and make sure to include your website’s link.  Remember you can always edit your bio to promote your latest campaign, sale or launch.



4. Take Eye-catching Photos

Promote your brand with creative, professional and attention-grabbing photos. Instagram is a network that is focused on images – use high quality, relevant images all over your Instagram account. Instagram offers a range of filters which you can use to enhance the colors of your photos. Resize your photos for professional quality and use filters to stand out. Lighter, brighter images generate more likes than dark images. Stay consistent with your photos so that your brand can get instantly recognized by your followers. The same idea of the videos is applied here as well:  be creative, to the point, and sharp enough to make the user stop scrolling on their newsfeed.



5. Use Instagram Ads

Instagram advertisement has driven over one billion user actions. Just last year, it has managed to double its advertiser base to 500,000. Instagram advertising is simple and easy to spot. You can use images or videos which come with a series of call to actions such as install now, book now, download, play store and many more. In many ways, it works in exactly the same way as Facebook. While promoting your app with these ads, keep in mind that the content you use should be relate-able by your audience and should grab their attention. Whether it is hashtag or images and videos, you have to keep up with the direction of your market followers and adjust to it accordingly.


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