HOW TO Enhance Blog Traffic with Comments

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Blog comments are a great way of increasing traffic to your blog. Leaving strong comments in other people’s blogs helps to increase blog traffic since it adds something that is valuable to the community. The people who see and read the comments you have left on other sites will have a reason to visit your blog since they might be interested to know more about you.

The other great thing about comments is that they don’t attract just any traffic, but traffic which is targeted to the particular subject or niche that your blog is focused on. The people reading your comments and eventually visiting your blog are people who are particularly interested in the subjects covered in the blog.

There are several ways of increasing the likelihood that readers will be interested in visiting your blog after viewing your comments.

increase blog traffic with comments

Respect the community surrounding the blog

Every blog online has its own community.  Each community has its own expectations of behavior and rules within the blog. Though many such blogs don’t have written rules, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have some sort of guidelines. It is crucial that you are aware of these rules, and that you adhere to them.

Leave strong comments

You could elaborate on points which have already been mentioned in the post, giving further examples and illustrations. People are particularly fond of case studies since they make points much easier to understand. However, avoid using one of your sites as an example so that people see you more as a contributor and not as an advertiser.

Create a link leading back to your blog

Creating a link to your blog will encourage readers to visit your blog once they have read your comment. Make sure that the link is in the field of the comment so that the comment will be approved. Once your comment gets approved as being useful and strong rather than advertising or spammy, your link will become live and your site will start experiencing an increase in traffic. This might also help you in increasing number of subscribers for your Blog.

These three strategies are crucial in helping you increase traffic to your site or blog. So start commenting today!
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