Five Basic Photo Editing Sites That Aren’t Instagram

Photo editing is all the rage nowadays. Not just for social media purposes, but also with blogging and personal use. Instagram is the most well-known of all photo editors, but then, you need to own an iPhone or an android phone in order to download and use this one. If you really want to give your photos that Instagram feel without having to use a mobile phone, then here are five websites you can utilize in helping you edit your photos.


1. Pixlr

As of now, Pixlr is the most popular photo editing site that doesn’t need an iPhone or Android unit. You can log in to the site without registration and use the features immediately to give a more personal touch for your photos.

Pixlr has three main categories for editing picture, depending on your expertise or lack of it. There’s the Pixlr Editor, which has sophisticated features for editing images. Then, there’s the Pixlr Express, which is more user-friendly and helps you edit images just like with the Pixlr Editor feature. It helps you resize photos, filter them, add text, stickers, frames, and reduce red-eye if you have people as photo subjects. The most basic one of all is the Pixlr O-Matic, which is similar to the ever popular Instagram.

Pixlr O-Matic is more recommended for mobile phone use, if you want to edit your photos quickly, while Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express can be done on your computer or laptop. You can edit your photos more in the Pixlr Express site, especially if you want to upload photos for your blog. This is highly recommended for those who want to edit their photos and are not good in Photoshop.

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2. Ribbet

Ribbet is the more basic photo editing website, and is reminiscent of the now-defunct The effects and filters can be applied to your photos in a jiffy. But some features can’t be used by basic users who would simply log on to the site and edit their pictures. You might have to register if you want to gain access to all that Ribbet has to offer.

If you want to edit your pictures without getting lost in all the filters and effects of other photo editing sites, then Ribbet may just be for you.

3. Phixr

Compared to the two photo editing sites, Phixr is the most basic. If you want a no-fuss photo editor, this might just work out for you. It has the usual features to help filter your photos, create a collage, or add frames. But two nice features that it offers are the following: you can easily blur your image if the need calls for it, and you can create a quick meme without having to go to another meme-creating website. When it comes to simplicity, Phixr wins. It’s simple without having to lose a lot of basic features like any other photo editing site.


This isn’t as well known like the rest of the more popular photo-editing websites, but it’s sure worth giving a try. The interface is easy to navigate and divided into three, namely:

Quick Fixes, for the most basic image adjustments;

Fun Stuff, when you want to add filters and image effects, along with text;


One clicks, for a quick guide to a combination of image effects and different kinds of adjustments.

You won’t be able to see any photo filter here that’s similar to Instagram. But if you’re more into adding textures to your images, then this will do the job well.

5. Fotoflexer

You don’t need to register to use this site. This works well when you really want to jazz up your photos. Everything is categorized at the upper middle of the screen, so you won’t feel confused if you want to add some effects or edit your picture. Two thumbs up for simplicity and functionality combined.

Choose a photo editor that works best for you. With these suggested sites, you can never go wrong and you’ll be able to find what you need to help you edit your photos and give it an extra “ooomph”.

About the author: Lauren Todd is a freelance writer at Her full-time job is at an educational institution. She can write about all kinds of subjects and likes to tinker with photo editing sites.

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