Four Ways Your Rank in Facebook Search Can Increase Your Fans

These days, marketing seems to be all about rank. You care about your Google rankings, but you should also care about your Facebook rankings. With about 71% of the web audience in the US on Facebook., businesses and bloggers can’t afford to skip out on this necessary marketing tool. However, you need to worry about rankings when it comes to Facebook, too. Boosting your rankings in Facebook search can increase your fans in several ways. Here are four:
Increase Facebook Fans

You Are More Easily Found

This one is a no-brainer. Let’s say you’re a part-time photographer using your Facebook page to promote and grow your business. People who have already used you for family photos might try, with some prompting, to find your business page on Facebook. The problem is you’ll be competing for rankings in Facebook search if your business has the same name as three other photography businesses around the world. If your business pops up on the top of the rankings list, your fans will be more likely to find you.

Since internet marketing is all about convenience for the consumer, it’s essential that your potential fans can find you as easily as possible on Facebook. Upping your rankings will make this possible.

More Fans Equals Higher Rankings

One of the interesting things about Facebook search is that the more fans you get, the more fans you’ll gain. If you and another business have the same or very similar Facebook page names, the one with more fans will pop up first in Facebook Search rankings, making that business more likely to gain more customers. So it’s really a snowball effect. Increasing your ranking gives you more fans, which gives you a better rank, which gives you more fans, and so on, and so forth!

Boost Overall Search Engine Rankings

Boosting your Facebook Search rankings, which increases your fan base, can give you more fans coming in off of Google search, too. The more activity you garner on your page and the higher your Facebook rank, the better your Facebook page’s Google visibility. This means that a higher Facebook Search ranking will impact your business’s overall web visibility, which also means that potential fans could come straight to your Facebook page from a Google search. Instead of just getting fans who are already looking for you on Facebook or who are liking you because of Facebook connections with another fan of your business, you could get fans directly off of Google searches.

Create More Brand Visibility

Increasing your Facebook rankings also makes your brand more visible if Facebook users are conducting a more generic Facebook search. Taking the example of a photography business again, if a user searches for “photography” rather than for a specific photography business, those who have higher Facebook search rankings will pop up first, making those businesses more likely to gain new fans in the future.

What It Takes to Increase Rankings

Often times, busy bloggers and business owners aren’t sure how to go about increasing their Facebook Search rankings. Some of these bloggers will use the best business credit cards to pay for someone else to optimize their Facebook pages for Facebook Search. This can be a good idea, especially if you’re short on time and on cash at the moment. However, you can also teach yourself what you need to know about increasing your own Facebook Search rankings with online resources and blogs on the topic.

Getting a higher ranking on Facebook is not as high a priority with most internet entrepreneurs as getting a higher ranking on Google, but it should still be a priority. With more and more internet users incorporating social media into their everyday lives, it’s important that you do everything you possibly can to make your Facebook fan page as visible as possible with Facebook users. Remember, making your Facebook page more visible through Facebook Search can be a simple way to gain more fans, and gaining more fans, in return, will boost the rankings of your page in Facebook Search! It’s definitely a cycle that you want to get started for your Facebook page.

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