5 Geographic Keyword Research Tips For Better Google Ranking

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Are you doing well with your search engine optimization?

Ranking highly on Google and other giant search engines is the ultimate goal of every blogger, website owner and internet marketers.

But contrary to what we’ve been told by so-called SEO experts, ranking on top 10 isn’t as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. In fact, with a few tweaks here and there, your site would be up and running in the next 30 days. Yes, 30 days is realistic, overnight ranking does not happen. I admonish you to put into use what you learn from this article, it might not be 100% accurate (well nothing is), but it would definitely work for you.


1. Who Is Your Prospect?

The first step to targeting the right keywords, is to know who your prospect is. Take a look at that #1 sub-heading, I didn’t ask you about “prospects,” but I limited it to just one person. Yes, in marketing, you’re encouraged to target a single person with your ads, contents and blog posts. This way, you would be able to speak to her pressing need, while touching other prospect’s life congruently.

Therefore, determine who you want to market to.

Is he a male, female or a combination of both; lol! 😀 The bottom line is to know who the person is. Until this is done, you won’t target them well. By knowing them, I mean their needs, not the color of their skin, or how blissful their marital life is.

2. Which Country Are You Targeting

Off course, you shouldn’t target every country. If that’s what you’ve been doing, then you will never appear on Google’s top 10. If you’ve been to Africa, you know that there is heat in this region. They are living in the tropics, with usually 2 seasons to mark their existence: the rainy and the dry season.

Several of the stuffs people sell in the US to make ends meet, are designed for such places. So, know the country you’re targeting. If you would be selling to American’s, then by all means, write your contents using American English, not british. (e.g British: colour, America: color).

3. Research Your Geo-Keywords

It’s much easier to rank on Google when you target a geographic keyword. By this I mean keywords that have the name and cities of a country attached to it. For instance, in web hosting, there are thousands of geographic keywords like “web hosting in new jersey.” This particular keyword is only directed towards web hosting firms that resides in NJ.

What does this mean? The people behind this keyword probably stay in New Jersey, or they prefer hosting their domain names with the companies in this area. Although, the search volume for such keywords with country name, state names and street names are less than a single keyword. But the conversion rate is higher.

4. Focus On Product Names

The best keyword research tool I recommend is Google keyword tool. It’s absolutely fabulous when looking for geographical key terms.

Apart from geo-keywords, you need to focus on product names. When a key term has the name of the product attached to it, it becomes easier to convert traffic into sales. As soon as a search is made on Google, your blog or site is going to appear, because you’ve these product names in your title, Meta Keywords, description and on the content.

For instance, when I launched my website that features Constellation Energy Promo Code, VitalMax Coupons and Tire Buyer Coupons, I had to target product names. This way, achieving a top Google rank is easy, interesting and rewarding.

5. Build Quality Anchor Links

Once you’ve written a quality content using those geographic keywords, the next and final step is to get external links. However, these backlinks is going to be different from normal linking. Here, your goal is to link back using your anchor texts.

These anchor texts should be the exact keyword on the title. When you build backlinks using anchor, you’re giving Google spiders and crawlers the opportunity to navigate to your web pages and index new articles. The faster your content is indexed, the better your ranking.

There you’ve it, the 5 essential tips that makes Google top 10 ranking a success. Why not take action on these simple system and see if it works. But it does work – see you at the top!

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