Get an edge in class – Try these 5 awesome apps

When it comes to this modern age of innovation and automation, some teenagers these days seem to know what’s in and what’s not, even before the product is actually launched. It’s true that students use applications for particularly everything, not just for entertainment purposes, but for other purposes such as studying and managing tasks as well. The app store consists of a pool of applications devised for different purposes, with these vast arrays of options; it may be difficult to a lot of students find the perfect application that fits your school needs the most. If you’re confused, then worry no more, mentioned below are 5 applications that’ll give you an edge in class.

1. Sound Note (IOS)

Tired of spending hours scribbling the lecture points down? Although this is a common practice in schools these days, the Sound Note may help ease that hassle. Favourite for Iphone and Ipad users, students can now record an entire lecture without wasting any valuable information. This can be done in both visual and audio form. Moreover, pictures of lectures on the board can also be taken. Students can now record and go through the lecture again on their own initiative, making listening to lectures easier and convenient than ever before.

2. EverNote peek

Revision can be the most annoying part of the studying process for students, and somehow, somewhere, technology has made possible what was said to be impossible, make studying fun. Peek by EverNote application consists of a series of quizzes related to different topics in your course. These short quizzes help students test their knowledge on what they have revised so far. It’s also designed to utilise the iPad cover to hide and reveal clues, in order to make changing a fun experience.

3. Dropbox

Ever took pictures of the lecture points on the white board or from your friend’s notebook and somehow you end up losing them? Maybe because you lost your phone or just erasing pictures without realising. Well, Dropbox maybe the solution to your problem. This application helps you store images which can be later sought back any point in time in the future.  These pictures can also be accessed from your Dropbox account even if you forget your phone at home, the only thing you will need to access those photos is an internet connection, talk about convenience. You can now store images and share them with your friends without the fear of losing valuable and useful information.

4. Studious

How many times have you missed a lecture only because you forgot the time it started? Or how many times have you missed a deadline only because you couldn’t keep track of things because of your crazy schedule? You don’t need to answer that one because being a student we know how crazy things can get. Well, worry no more, Studious  can be the best solution to that problem. All you have to do is add in relevant information related to your class timings, professors, location, etc. and Studious will remind you exactly when you have a class to attend or a deadline to meet anytime soon. It consists of a notification feature so don’t worry about overlooking that reminder. You’ll be on top of everything thanks to Studious.


Are you a foreign student having trouble in English class? Or just an English enthusiast who wants an edge in a class by learning new words, then application can best fit your needs. It will help you understand words you have trouble understanding or find the meanings of words you are unsure of. Another cool feature in this app for those students who love spying on their classmates is that it allows them to see what words people around them are looking for (surprise surprise).

6. Airg lifestyle chat

If you’re one of those last minute procrastinators who decide to finish assignments at the last minute, then Lifestyle Chat by Airg might be the perfect app for you. There’s a likely chance that you may face particular difficulties regarding some issues, and we all know quite frankly that you actually can’t find anyone to help you out at the last minute. Well worry no more, lifestyle chat by Airg helps you access different people you can talk to about whatever, so instead of entertainment purposes, why not use this app to your advantage and complete your assignments without freaking out when you come across a problem.

These applications will most definitely add to the schooling experience and give you an edge in class. So be sure to check these cool applications out.

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