Google Chrome Arrives on Android [Video]

Google has been taking steps to unify Android design (like the Ice Cream Sandwich) with web and the latest news about this is that Google Chrome is now available on the Android Market, though it is in the beta stage! Sadly, it is available only for Ice Cream Sandwich running devices. If your device has not received any official update, make sure you get some leaked ROM on your device and enjoy this browser. However, it’s good for ICS users. Let us have a look at some prominent features of Google Chrome for Android while you can view the video released by Google at the end of this post.

Images of Google Chrome Browser for Android

Google Chrome for Android    Google Chrome browser for Android


As Google says, it is focused on fast and simplicity. It lets you sign in and sync to have the same browsing experience irrespective of the Android device you use. So no worries if you use Chrome on your PC or any other Android tablet, you can always have your bookmarks safe with you.

It would have a better speed. You can navigate and search quickly with the help of instant search. Also, you can open unlimited number of tabs on your Chrome browser and swipe to navigate between them just like a deck of cards in your hand.

Also, you have the incognito browsing on the Google Chrome browser for Android. You can access other privacy settings by tapping on Menu>Settings>Privacy.

If you own a device which runs Ice Cream Sandwich, make sure you grab Google Chrome for Android from the Android Market.

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