Helicopter View in Google Maps Lets You Visit Any Place Virtually

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Day by day we see that there is great invention comes in information technology. Google earth was also a great miracle of Information technology which helps a lot in different fields and helps to locate places by there names, addresses, streets etc. But now Google has introduced helicopter view in Google maps. It is 3 dimension birds eye view which helps to not only locate places but also allow a user to have a virtual trip of that place. It is easily available to a user who wants to use it. Importance of this technology cannot be ignored.

Google recently introduces a virtual helicopter view in its maps. This helicopter view service is provided by 3 D or 2 D pattern. This trip is offered automatically by Google earth. It allows the user to select routes of there own choice. It is great invention of Google earth. By which a person can enjoy virtual trip of any place which he wants.

How to get advantage from this facility:

For using this facility a person have to download new version of earth Google. This is available easily on internet. This enables a person to view 3 D bird’s eye view to locate its way. For using this facility the user has to follow a procedure which is that a user simply mentions start and end point of the way in direction area of Google map. After it route is calculated then 3 D button is pressed, after pressing button map enters into Google earth view and start searching the desired destination which a person needs. It easy in use a person can locate its destination in few minutes.

This route of 3 D can be paused at any time and user can have a trip of any place which comes before its destination. He can easily access to any other direction which he wants to search. It allows user to explore the places which he wants. In this entire user can go back in 2 D mode. User can change its directions by dragging, dropping and also can wait for downloading.


This is very good invention which is introduced by Google. It helps in different departments for doing jobs. It helps to facilitate consumers. This facility is usually designed for person to find easily locations. By this facility a person can also easily find walking person. It is basically helps some departments such as in police, rescue and geologists. To locate criminals this site is very helpful. Because it can easily locate person.


Having advantages this helicopter view also has so many disadvantages, such as it gives easily access to criminals in homes. As we know that it has 3D birds eye view then criminals easily get information about inside the home which is not good factor. Due to it rate of crimes can be increased because due to it criminals easily have access inside the homes. This is negative influence on society.

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