Why Is Guest Blogging Important?

This is a guest post by Praveen Sivaraman. If you wish to write one, kindly check out the guidelines to write a guest post.
Guest blogging is process of writing posts for someone else blog and this is importantfor both the blogger who writes on someone else blog and the owner of the blog who is going to accept the guest blog. Many bloggers do not want to miss the traffic that these posts could bring to their website because they do understand the importance of guest blogging.

Importance of Guest Blogging

Why is guest blogging important?

Discussed here are some of the many reasons why guest blogging is important,which brings out the significance other than building traffic to both of your websites synergistically. The reasons why guest blogging are important are:

1. Guest blogging changes your perspective:

Writing for others is really a very hard job and is different from writing for you. This is because you will be writing what they want and there will be a lot of compromise that you will be requiring to make when you are writing for others. The hardest job is writing for others! To put this in simple terms, when you are in your niche alone you do whatever you want, but when you have your loved one around you (this is writing foryour own blog); you lose some of the freedom (this like writing what you like on others blogs) and when you are at someone else house, you are entirely different, writing only what they want (this is like being in your friend’s or relative’s house).

2. You rediscover yourself:

Guest blogging will allow you to rediscover yourself, for you will be finding that you may be changing your style of writing for the sake of getting your article being published.You will find and learn many new things that you otherwise would not have imagined of.Here, you will be more careful in scrutinizing the blogs that you write by yourself, which otherwise you may not be doing seriously.

3. Promote yourself:

You are promoting you and your blog to a new range of audience by guest blogging on someone else blog, and back linking these blogs will help you to drive more traffic to both your blog and for the blogger whom you are writing to. This way you will find yourself telling more people in your niche that there is someone like you.

4. Get keyword rich back links to your website and/or blog:

Guest blogging as mentioned in my previous point will help you to develop a keyword-rich background links for guest bloggers, and for your blog. When you choose keywords and write guest blogs it is possible to link to your friends and write keyword rich blogs which will make your friends to read your blog posts. You will also be able to link to yourfriends’ blogs, cross-linking your blog with your guest blog to your friend’s blog, a kind of developing blogosphere. Getting backlinks will also enhance SEO of your Blog/Website.
These are the main reasons why guest blogging should be encouraged and is significant that you write blog posts on others sites.

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