Guest blogging – The best thing to come out from the SEO industry

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As an industry, Search Engine Optimization has seen tremendous growth in the last decade, owing of course to irrefutable power and reach of Google. It’s an undeniable fact that achieving the top ranks at Google can really make all the difference in the future of your business. No wonder businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on their SEO campaigns, in a bid to beat millions of websites and get to the top of Google results page for the desired keywords like 1and1 discounts or Network Solutions coupons, and with the web growing at a stupendous rate, we can be sure that the pursuit of the top rankings will only get more and more intense in the coming days.

Top rankings are a little too tempting for the majority of businesses; therefore, many try to get to the top by hook or by crook. There are two types of SEO professionals, the first and the more rare type is patient and believes in hard work, they will try to keep the link profile natural and avoid the extremes. However, a big majority tends to go berserk while trying to acquire more and more links for their website, and not only they are obsessed with more links, they also find it hard to do the hard work and they are always looking for short-cuts. No wonder we have seen quite a lot of devious tactics coming out from SEO industry and to be brutally honest, some of them have actually damaged the Internet. First we had link farms, and then we have websites selling links, content farms, many dummy websites created to link to one basic website, and a lot more. But when it was starting to get a little too ugly, there came a method that gives a rare win-win proposition to all stake holders. Yes, I am talking about Guest Blogging.Guest Blogging in SEO

Though we don’t need to explain guest blogging because the majority of readers at this Blog would be aware of the technique but for the sake of our topic, let’s take a quick look at what exactly is guest blogging and how you can use it as a tool in your SEO campaign. Good content is one of the most valuable assets for any website out there. Therefore, some websites (mostly blogs) allow guest contributors to write and post content, in return they can get a couple of links within the body or at the end of article.

Why it is the best thing?

With Google continuously raising the bar for what is considered “quality” content, you can be sure that the blog owners wouldn’t publish some article which is of low quality. Higher standards set by the blog owners mean that the guest writers will try their best to come up with some content which is of high quality and adds value to the website. As a result we get the content which is of superlative quality and the webmaster gets a link for producing the content.

How long before we see it getting misused?

Even though we can’t underestimate the “wickedness” of those looking for a short cut, or easy way out, guest blogging as a link building technique is quite hard to misuse. For the reason that good blog owners will never risk their reputation, and while some blogs (low quality ones that publish all kinds of paid content) will hardly be able to get in the good books of Google. Even if a webmaster is paying for the guest blogging, somebody has to come up with good quality content, and that’s good enough for the readers. For all these reasons, we can safely assume that guest blogging will continue to be a more sane approach in the midst of insanity going on in the name of link building.

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