How Android Tablets Are Catching up with the iPad in Market Share

The Android tablets have become popular in a very less span of time. This simply means that a big part of the market share has been taken up by them. On the other hand we cannot deny from the fact that currently the top dog in market place is the iPad. Apple has propelled to outstanding sales due to the great device, iPad 2. There is a lot of competition in the market and various predictions have been made by the strategy analytics.

Android vs iPad

Thirty nine percent share of the market captured by Android tablets

In the fourth quarter of the year 2011, thirty nine percent of the market was captured by the Android tablets. Before that they just owned twenty nine percent shares, therefore this growth has been observed by all the analytics. On the other hand iPad accounted around fifty eight percent of tablet market. Basically the iPad shares declined from sixty eight percent to fifty eight percent.

War between the manufacturers

According to Peter King, who is the Strategy Analytics director, a record of 26.8 million units has been hit by the tablet shipments. This occurred in the fourth quarter of 2011. A year ago there was a rise of 150 percent from the same period. In the fourth quarter, around 15.4 million iPads were sold by Apple and records show that a total of 10.5 million tablets of Android were shipped.

iPad is a wide leader

In tablet race, the undisputed leader is the iPad. This statement is hundred percent true if we treat each tablet of Android just like a single competitor. Instead of making a lump of Android tablets, consider one at a time. A lump of Android tablets cannot compete with the sales of iPad and here Android lacks behind.

Comparison of accessories

Those who own iPad 2 and Android tablets, give their vote to the accessories of iPad. They think that the accessories of iPad have no comparison with those of Android tablets. Most of the accessories of iPad go well with iPhone and iPod Touch. There are unlimited designs available, hence providing options to users.

Search for accessories of iPad

No one will believe that there are thousands of iPad accessories available in the market. There are hundreds of cases, also several unusual items. You may also find duplicate of those accessories, but the unique ones work very well.

Use of wide range of accessories

The reason why iPod accessories have become more popular is that they are truly custom-_fitted. There is a lot of variety as well therefore the shop keepers earn a return on their investment. They buy iPad accessories in bulk and make a handsome profit. This choice is not available in accessories of Android tablets.

It is true that Android tablets have caught the market of iPad to some extent, but somehow the lion’s share is owned by iPad. Android tablets cannot beat the success and popularity of iPad.

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