How Social Media Promotion Can Hurt Than Help Business

Nowadays, everyone has an account with the social media sites. Many businesses too have embraced the social networking sites for connecting with a huge mass of prospects and customers and for promoting the brands. Everyone tries to use this platform for businesses but not all the attempts give good results. However, you have to make sure that you put the right measure in your social media campaigning. A poorly managed campaign can have an adverse effect on your business.

What can be wrong while using social media for the marketing purpose? Don’t you like to know how social media can hurt your business instead of helping it? Here are some of the shortcomings you should avoid in a social media campaign.

Shortcomings of Social Media Campaign to Shun

1. No Display of Your Corporate Brand

It is expected that a marketing professional understands the need for corporate branding on the social networking sites but many of the businesses just forget that. Before marketing through social media, you should ensure that your brand reach out through every social media network. You must use your corporate vision statement, tagline, logo and color in your campaign.

If you want to make your social media pages unique, you need to use themes relevant to the corporate image.

2. Not Utilizing the Correct Social Media Platform

Marketing through social media does not always have a ready solution. Some businesses use Twitter while others use Facebook accounts for their brand promotion. The professionals almost have no option for a backup or for interaction with the others. Hence, to combat this defect, you should integrate various social media platforms into a single cohesive marketing program.

You have to select that social media platform which suits your tasks, objectives and business the most.

3. Lack of Consistency

You might have often encountered a company which having started its programs well through the social media network, abruptly ends up without any explanation. A poorly organized social networking account can ruin a company since a devastating impression is created of the company. Inconsistency in the running of the account implies that the company it not committed to its fans and also to the medium.

You should spend some time on your account – make one editorial calendar where you will post regularly and keep regular track of the latest news and promotions that might interest your target audience. You might find some apps in this networking system that can allow you to update and schedule post well in advance. Make use of those features to create a library of the latest posts.

4. Inclusion of Negative Content

The general trend of the online business professionals is to criticize regarding the negative features of other companies. Bashing other business is not a sign of healthy competition and that can also have a bad impression upon your followers. You should never use this social media for saying negative things about your competitive company rather use it for connecting with people and sharing your best business offerings.

Author’s Bio: Richard Williams is an online business manager. He extensively uses social media for his brand promotion. He is working with My Tech Support Store (MTSS) that facilitates businesses with authentic technical support and initiates effective business promotion.

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