HOW TO Be a Part of Apple’s App Store: a Brief Tutorial

If you’ve dreamed of having your own apps on Apple’s app store you are at the right place. This tutorial is going to browse through just how to do that. First you need to register as an Apple developer – this is free. Registering as an iOS developer however, costs you $99 USD. If you are a complete beginner, you will need to go to the iOS dev center and register.

Create a New ID

Creating a new, clean ID is suggested. It keeps your professional and personal lives different. You need to submit the required information like email and password. Use an email ID that you often check. Fill in your personal information on the registration page. On the next page you need to fill in your professional profile.

The Legal Agreement

Then comes the legal agreement. It doesn’t hurt to read all the legalities. Then check the email address you used to register. Click the link on that email to confirm the email address. This makes you an Apple developer. However, if you want to begin developing apps and submitting them to the app store you need to give Apple money!

Shelling Out $99USD

Enrolling in Apple’s iOS developer program will cost you $99USD per year. Through your Apple developer ID you can join the iOS developer program. You can register as an individual or company.  Enter billing information correctly in the forthcoming steps. Then select the iOS developer program. Then click continue to move on to the license agreement.

As you move forward in the process enter your credit card address as your shipping address. Click “continue,” enter credit card details and click “continue” again. After registering as an iOS developer, Apple takes a day to process your information. You will then receive two emails from Apple. Now you can download Xcode and log into the iOS development center.

Several Things to Do At the Development Center

There are plenty of things to focus on once you log in to the iOS development center. You will use iTunes connect to submit your app.  Further you need to generate certificates and register your device. Once your device is registered, you need to register an app ID.  Once you are an official iOS developer take a moment to congratulate yourself.  Then begin submitting apps to the app store.

Getting Apps Approved

Apps need approval from Apple. Even if rejected, apps may be distributed ad-hoc. NDA’s forbid developers from publishing their rejection notices. The second part of making apps available is configuring apps to run on registered devices. Use iTunes connect to send Apple payment information. Then submit apps to Apple to get them approved.

Open Xcode and enter your iOS developer information. If you have an app of your own test it on the device. Test the app on the oldest version of iOS you want supported. After going through a host of procedures you are finally at the stage where you are ready to deploy your apps on iTunes connect.  Accept the TOS and submit the app. When you are doing this you need to navigate through a number of screens.

Before Submitting the App

You will need the apps, name, description, icon and screenshot for submitting the app. As you move further you can choose the release date for the app. You will be prompted to enter keywords later on which are essential to your app being discovered. Once you have submitted your app with Xcode the wait for approval begins. The app store is one of the great internet deals out there. It has made many people millionaires.

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  1. What’s the reasoning behind charging $99 a year? I doubt they make much off of it, but it’s a pretty big price tag for an individual just looking to make a simple little app for something. A way to filter out some of the crap maybe?


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