How To Choose Among Shared, Managed & Dedicated Web Hosting?

What’s this? I didn’t know there were so many hosting options. Did I hear you say that? Don’t worry. Most of us are bewildered by an array of choices when it comes to web hosting. What you choose depends on your requirement. Lets’ discuss some of these options.

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Shared hosting

This is what we generally hear about. Most of the hosting service providers have this option which is staple. Shared hosting is essentially a small amount of space on a web server which is allotted to you. This space is enough to host your website and do everything that a website is supposed to do. Users who browse your website don’t realize whether you are on a shared server or otherwise.  This means shared hosting is good enough for most of us.

But a time comes when your website starts attracting heavy traffic. At this junction, your users may experience sluggishness while navigating your site. Page load times may start deteriorating. This is the time to start considering a dedicated or a managed server.

Dedicated Server

Here you get to hire your very own server. This means you get a host of privileges along with a lot of headache. Yes, headache. Many of us go for a dedicated server simply because it seems more romantic or whatever. It’s only when you start facing problems that you realize that this love affair with a dedicated server can cause headache instead of a heartache.

But as I had mentioned earlier, you have to go for a dedicated server under certain circumstances. With a dedicated server you have control over whatever is happening. Your traffic volume can be easily managed because yours is the only website on that server. Having your own personal highway can be a thrilling experience. The cons are also present. You need to install al the software including the operating system on the server. You also have to manage anti-virus and anti-spam software on your own. Maintenance of a dedicated server can be costly.  Now here is another option for those who want a dedicated server minus the headache.

Managed hosting

Here you can have the cake and eat it too. You can opt for a dedicated server but offload the headache to service provider. This may cost you more initially but in the end it may turn out to be more economical. Personally, I would recommend a managed hosting with dedicated server. As a website owner you must concentrate on your content. You must be focused on selling – not managing your server. In the end what matters is your content and sales figures. Managing a dedicated server can be difficult.

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Whether you opt for a shared hosting service, dedicated server or managed hosting, you must make sure that you don’t spend all your time managing the hardware. Always remember that your customers don’t even know about your host. They are only concerned about user experience. This is where you must work on. Leave the rest to technicians.

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