How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme?

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. There is a reason for its popularity. In fact there are many reasons why bloggers prefer WordPress. One of them is the choice of themes. There is a complete ecosystem which has developed around WordPress. Independent developers are creating powerful tools which enhance the value of WordPress. Needless to say that plenty of choices has led to confusion. Bloggers are overwhelmed by the number of themes on the platter. Obviously, bloggers would like to choose the best available option.


Paid or free

There are hundreds of free WordPress themes which are pretty impressive. At the same time there are developers who offer themes for a fee. As an avid blogger I have often wondered why I must pay for something which is available free of cost. Are free WordPress themes deficient? Or do paid themes offer something of value for which I must pay?

From what I have seen, many free WordPress themes are powerful and perfect for blogging. There are hundreds of free themes you can choose from. At the same time, there is a place for paid themes too.

Horses for courses

There are numerous paid themes which cater to all types of requirement. For example a real estate blog may have certain specific requirement. Photography, news content, holiday and resort blogs each have unique requirements.  If you scan the themes on sale, many are created to meet individual requirements.

Providers with a bouquet of themes

There are many providers who offer a bouquet of themes. Some have over hundred themes which they offer in a bundle. If you observe, many bloggers diversify their portfolio by blogging on different issues and topics. In such a situation, it would be advisable to go for providers who have many themes on offer instead of going for single theme wonders.

What to look for when choosing a paid theme?

Some theme providers have extremely restrictive practices. You must ensure that the license agreement is fair to you and allows for flexibility in use. Some themes come with condition that it can only be used by person in whose name the domain is registered. This kind of restriction seems out of place with the blogging world.

On the other hand, many providers are extremely flexible and great to work with. You can even modify the original theme without any IP issue (intellectual property). Tweaking of themes may be necessary in many situations.

How to choose the best theme?

The theme you choose must be relevant and appropriate. It must give you flexibility in terms of usage. You must be able to modify the code if necessary without seeking permission from the seller of theme. You must not grudge the small amount you pay to providers since the cost of themes is quite modest in most cases.


The best theme is one which suits you best. It doesn’t matter whether it’s free or paid. What do you think?

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