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You have some great ideas and have already drawn in some great blog traffic, but the blogosphere is growing every day, adding a number of blogs each week that are very similar to yours. With all the stiff competition out there, how do you keep your readers coming back? You need to go beyond simply publishing blog posts, you need to engage with your readers. To help you accomplish this, here are five ways to engage with your blog followers. If you are a beginner in Blogging, you can also check Blogging tips for Novice Bloggers.

1. Ask for feedback and involvement

Plain and simple – If you don’t ask, you won’t get an answer. Ask questions that require thought and encourage discussion through debate in the comments section. Suggest ideas on your topic and ask for theirs in return, as well as their stories, tips, or solutions. A blog without any comments is one sided and can become boring for readers, so boost your comments section by engaging your readers with real, thought-provoking questions.


Make it easy for anyone who comes to your website to leave a comment. Also, remember that they took the time to come to your site and give their views, so it is good to give a response of your own. Tim O’Reilly, founder of O’Reilly Media, has proposed a “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” to require bloggers to monitor the comments left on their blog and also have good manners in their responses as well. When you respond to your reader’s comments, they feel like you are listening, thus forming a bond between your readers and you—a bind that encourages them to come back time after time.

3. Dedicate time on your site

First and foremost, spend time on the design of your site and keep it consistent throughout every page you create. Make sure you keep a content theme and publishing schedule. Don’t just throw up a post – research your ideas with intent so your readers will take you seriously. When they see that you’ve put time and effort into your site design and posts, they’ll be more likely to come back on a regular basis.

4. Take care of your readers

Without readers, you wouldn’t be a success, so it is essential to gain and maintain their trust. Your purpose is to educate and entertain them with your posts. Contests can be used as a reward to readers, and also to keep them checking back to your site.

5. Get familiar with analytics

Analytics tell you which posts of yours resonate with readers and which ones are strong enough to bring in traffic long after they were put up on the site. These statistics are quite valuable to you as a publisher. It will benefit you in the long run to cut out the product that isn’t getting you the coverage you desire. When you can hone in on what your readers want most (based on the most-read and most popular blogs posts) you’ll know the kind of content to produce on a regular basis to reel in more readers and keep them coming back for more.

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