How To Get Rid of Internet Censorship?

For ages, governing bodies have imposed restrictions on mediums that allow people to express their views openly. In today’s modern era, it is the internet that has become the most preferred means of expression and information. Therefore, restrictions are imposed on it from time to time for different reasons related to politics, religion, or culture. The limitations imposed by government authorities on accessing, viewing, or publishing on the internet is called Internet Censorship. This censorship may sometimes be accepted, however for the most part, it’s annoying to those of us who are online a lot of the time.  Today, internet has a lot of influence on many of our lives since it’s not just a vehicle for expression – it’s also a source of entertainment, communication, and information. Therefore, internet censorship not only limits us in expressing our views, but it also limits the means by which we communicate or entertain ourselves. These situations make us look for solutions that allow us to be unaffected by internet censorship imposed for any reason. Luckily, various methods exist that allow us to bypass these restrictions.



Some of the methods that are useful in accessing restricted websites are:

Proxy sites: Proxy servers or proxy sites are one of the most commonly used methods for unblocking restricted websites.  Although it’s an easy method, it only works for certain websites and its slow browsing speed is annoying.

Mirroring: Mirrored sites are sites that imitate original websites with alternate URLs. This technique works only in the places where blocking of certain sites is done through URLs such as schools and offices.

DNS: Domain Name System is another way of accessing the restricted content. It is a naming convention that requires the use of the IP address instead of the URL of the website. Again, it only works when you are browsing from a network that blocks the website’s URL.

Google Cache: Even those with little knowledge of technology can use Google cached pages method to unblock YouTube videos, Facebook, or other such websites but it works only on a few.

VPN: Virtual Private Network or VPN stands above the rest when it comes to unblocking restricted websites. This technology is so advanced that countries with a lot of internet censorship are still busy finding solutions to prevent them from being able to bypass filters and firewalls.  In addition to the power to access blocked sites, a VPN provides a high level of security and privacy to the user.  By using a VPN, you can surf the internet with anonymity without leaving the trails of your online activities.

Hotspot Shield VPN: The Best VPN

With growing censorship on the internet and growing demand for VPN, a number of these providers have come into existence that offer different kinds of VPNs. AnchorFree has earned a very reputable name in recent years by developing the most advanced VPN – Hotspot Shield VPN. It is globally recognized for flawless performance and reliability. This VPN is easy to download and is available in both free and paid versions.

Some of the outstanding features of Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  • Can bypass all kinds of filters and firewalls
  • Anonymous Browsing with hidden IP
  • High Security against malware, keyloggers, hackers, and identity theft
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac, Android and PC
  • Easy to use
  • Free VPN version
  • Good price compared to others on the market
  • Works seamlessly on both wired and wireless connections
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