How To Go Paperless In Work & Life

Well into the technology and information age, many people are beginning to go paperless in both their professional and personal life. If you’re wondering how to do the same, understand that it is both possible and not so difficult once you get the hang of it. With the use of applications and cloud services, you can never have to print, write on, read, or handle paper ever again.

Following are some tips to help you go paperless in work and life.

Start With Converting Post Mail To E-mail

If you would like to minimize the amount of paper mail you receive, get in contact with your service providers and go paperless. More and more business are taking advantage of technology and going green. All you have to do is get your e-mail in order first by making sure all of your service providers have the same e-mail account listed by you, organizing that e-mail account, and making a folder for your bills and notices to go into. Soon you’ll stop getting bills and statements in your mailbox and start getting them in your inbox instead, which will allow you to minimize the time you spend checking your mailbox and serve a great advantage for you and your time.


Evernote is an incredibly popular application that allows you to put everything you would write on paper into a simple and efficient application, from a phone number to a grocery list. You no longer have to write anything down on a piece of paper, or even look for pen and paper, because Evernote is easy to access right on your phone, and also has its own Cloud service so you can transfer your notes to the internet. You can also send and receive notes easily via e-mail etc. With Evernote there will be no more waiting for your colleagues to get to your office to show them something. You can just send it. And there will also be no more searching for pen and pad to record something.

Create A List

Creating an e-mail list allows business owners and professionals to not have to send hard copies of newsletters and flyers to customers and potential customers. No more spending massive amounts of money on paper and ink, when you can just spend money on the design and e-mail it out all at once. This service is provided by several web-based companies, but one of the more popular ones is Mail Chimp.

Team Efforts

Do you ever have to send paper letters and notices to your team? Maybe you need to send them a hard copy of the company billable, or bonus letters. You can say goodbye to that. You now have the advantage of being able to download a simple application with your team that allows you to do all of your communicating without paper, and where the applications don’t work you can use standard E-mail. Some applications to help you and your team communicate without paper are: Dropbox, Google Drive, and QuickOffice Mobile Suite.


There are plenty of GTD (Getting Things Done) applications that allow your itinerary to be moved to a piece of technology. These applications are complete with reminders and priority methods, including urgent and non-urgent. There are so many of them that no matter what your style is, you’ll find one you love. A couple to note are ToDo, Due, and Wunderlust.

Basic Philosophy

The basic philosophy to use when going paperless is that whenever you catch yourself using paper, just know that there is a paperless way to carry out that particular task. Even if you’re not able to find it at that moment, jot it down in your Evernote notebook and get back to it later!

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