HOW TO Install CREED Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y

If you think your Samsung Galaxy Y is getting a bit old, then this new ROM called CREED  by its developers is perfect for you. It will give your Samsung the feel of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI. This is an upgrade worth trying as it is tested and easy to install. So, this tutorial will teach you how to install CREED Custom ROM. Also check our guide to root the device.

You can also try the BancetDev Custom ROM which is more stable.

Screen Captures of Creed Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y




These are a few points as to why Samsung Galaxy Y should have the ROM installed.

  • BusyBox Support
  • Pre Deodexed
  • Soft Root – SU
  • Bloatware Removed
  • Init.d Support
  • Maps with WorldWide Navigation
  • Adb/Hard Root – Which gives access to the Android Commander
  • Zip Aligned
  • Message App – Built in 5 themes, No recipient Limit, No auto SMS to MMS Conversation
  • Touchwiz App – Landscape orientation Introduced, ICS Style Dock and Icons, Auto Arrange Alphabetical and transparency Level is increased
  • Full Ice Cream Sandwich Theme – Music player, notification and ringtones, Icon pack, Brightness option
  • Boot Animation Enabled – animation added, Power sound made custom, Startup time reduced to 13 seconds.
  • Status Bar Toggles – Screen Timeout, Auto Sync, Brightness, Airplane Mode, Reboot, Recovery, Download Modes, Shut down options, Flash Light, Lock Screen Off, Data, All 5 Samsung (WiFi, GPS, B/T,Orientation)


  1. Rooted your Samsung Phone.
  2. From the market download and install ROM Manager By CWmod. Select Flash ClockworkMod Recovert and choose Samsung Galaxy Mini as your phone. This will install CWM Recovery on your phone.
  3. Download Creed ROM image boot files from here. Then put them in this location; sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/.

DisclaimerBlogoTech is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and verified working on Samsung Galaxy Y.

Steps To Install CREED Custom ROM

  1. Get to recovery mode, switch phone off. After the vibration, then after its turned off, HOLD: Volume up + Power Button + Home Button. When it says ” Galaxy Y Young …” release the buttons and press them all again.
  2. When on the recovery menu, use the volume up and down to scroll up and down. Select, Apply update from SD card. Then find, “Skin1980-ect ect CWM”, the CWM recovery will open.
  3. The select “back up and restore”, then onto the next menu choose restore. Then on the next menu, try and find the download ROM files. “file, 2012_01-”
  4. When recovery finishes perform the factory reset, “wipe data”.
  5. Reboot your Samsung and wait.When the S logo appears, wait until booting has finished. If the status bar doesn’t appear that means there might be an error. To solve, simply repeat the steps above, but this time do not wipe the data.
  6. Wait for everything to finish and then this is complete, and the CREEDS ROM is installed.

If you face any issues, feel free to comment below 🙂

  • At last a working ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y! I’ll try this later. Thanks! ^_^

  • henri

    is this work for galaxy Y cdma ? please..

  • hailey

    does it mean the swype feature will not work?

  • mithilesh

    hi there i have installed this ROM as per your instruction but there are three problem i am facing :
    1. Audio jack is not working.
    2. Google talk always shows an error for signup.
    3. Unable to download any app from market, it shows an error 101.

    please help me out.


    • Try to download Gapps and flash it from recovery!

  • mithilesh

    one problem is also there with DSP manager, it asks for force close.

  • mithilesh

    hi lalit, Three are so many gapps on the net so will you please tell which one i have to download for my galaxy Y. pls answer me soon.

    • I’m sorry for the previous comment. I presumed that you had installed Cyanogenmod. Please try to uninstall and reinstall market and see if it works!

  • Mrbench87

    hi lalit,

    i did encounter MD5 Sum Mismatch when i did try to install the Creed ROM for Galaxy Y. Any fix?

    • Try to enter this in the Command prompt “adb pull /cache/recovery/log cwm-recovery-log.txt” Make sure you have Android SDK and JDK installed to execute this code! If this does not work, reset factory data (after a backup) and try!

  • nexcape

    the notification bar is lost. heelp!!


    • Did you wipe cache? check the last line in the post and flash that zip file too!

  • I did everything and it works really good 😀 … but the market, doesn’t work, I open the app and there is an error 🙁
    Please helpme with this.
    Greetings from Chile !!

    • Reboot your phone. You might be getting a server error, right?

  • sandeep

    hi lalit
    when i try to install a custom rom downloaded from above link the device show an error message:-
    opening update package…
    installing update…
    E:Error in /tem/slideload/
    (Status 2)
    Installation aborted

    • You can visit this for any updates and download the ROM again. However, i will also be posting tutorial some more custom ROMs on Samsung Galaxy Y

    • sandeep

      wats abt Clockwork Recovery mod i can’t download itmant trys but can’t download
      and wats abt firewall does these rom support firewall, net fillter
      pls reply soon………….

    • The link to download CWM recovery has been updated! Yes it will support these apps!

  • sandeep

    this time when i select the rom to install in recovery mode it just show
    /: pace left on device )
    E:can’t unmount /sdcard
    E:can’t unmount /sdcard
    E:can’t unmount /sdcard
    Install from sdcard complete.

    pls help me ………..

    • sandeep

      hey lalit sir
      is there any way to live chat with u for step by step installation help

    • is my profile. However, I might not be available for more than a few minutes. Also, I recommend you to use BancetDev custom ROM for your phone. It is more stable and can be flashed easily. It is also pre-rooted.

  • ramesh

    hai I have installed creed rom but the following are problems:
    market showing 101 error
    dsp manager error
    google talk error please help me thanks

    • Restart your phone!

    • keithbads

      sir…add u in facebook..pls confirm..tnk u..i need help for my sgy..tnk u sir…

  • ramesh

    I restarted but same problem existing
    help me

  • ck

    Clockwork Recovery mod BROKEN LINK…..

    • The post has been updated. Thanks. You can use the ROM Manager app!

  • sakthi

    is it possible to switch the date i.e 2g to 3g & 3g to 2g without disconnect the net

  • sandeep

    hi lalit this rom(balancetdev) does not support netfilter .pls suggest me some another rom which actually support netfilter

    • I tested it on a friend’s phone and developers don’t test all apps on their ROMs, so it is difficult to predict which one will support the app!

  • sandeep

    hi lalit.
    is ice creame sandwich can be install by odin..on galaxy y having operating system kernal supporting netfilter

    • No, there is no ICS ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y as of now!

  • sandeep

    hiiii lalit
    ….and wats abt creeds custom rom do it could be flash by odin and capable of firewall working ..any firewall app.

    • You can try any Firewall app and it should work 😀

  • PJ

    I tried but stuck on
    – Skin1980-ect ect CWM – Could nto understan so skipped
    – Restore failes with Error –
    Restoring boot image…
    Error while flashing boot image!result was NULL, message is: assert failed:

    • PJ

      Got success with CWM Advance recovery and selecting data,system,cache.
      Found everything working fine except – Incoming call was not displayed so was difficult to answer to call.

  • sandeep

    is there any way to flash creed’s rom by odin
    balancetdev rom is not much diffrent from the original one…

    • No you can not install Creed’s ROM from Odin. You need to flash it via Recovery only!

  • JC

    I want this badly but I’m too hesitant to do it. hehe

  • hi. not working on my SGY.. DXKJ1 2.3.6 it goes stock after i reboot..

  • sandeep

    hiiii lalit can u pls tell where to download the stock rom for galaxy y

  • sandeep

    I have download it . on extracting it a single file come as named (S5360DXKL2_S5360OLBKL2_S5360DXKL2_HOME.tar.md5) now how it will be flash . by odin or by recovery mode…

  • sandeep

    but it is a single file. how it could be install it by odin. wats abt the other files . this is in md5 format.

  • sandeep

    hiiiiiiii lalit
    here is a problem on flashing the stock rom. when i extract the rom file form rar format, it comes only a single file named as
    now how could i install it by odin bcouse this process need 5 diffrent file like so pls tell me what should i do with this file

    • I guess you missed out the name of the files. Please give me the link from where you downloaded the files! Also tell me the contents of the rar file!

  • sandeep

    here is the link..
    and here is the file name. S5360DXKL2_S5360OLBKL2_S5360DXKL2_HOME.tar.md5

    • I’m redirected to when I view the above link!

  • Samir Saurav

    I rooted my Galaxy y (2.3.6) using ur tuturial but I am not able to install ROM Manager By CWmod. When I selected Flash ClockworkMod Recovery, it asks me to confirm phone model GT-S5360(I did not found option of Galaxy Mini). After confirming it, I got message “GT-S5360 does not have an officially supported ClockworkMod Recovery yet. Have your installed a ClockworkMOd based recovery manually?” When I choose Yes, It asks me confirms version 1) ClockworkMod 2.x and ClockworkMod3.x. Now what next? Please guide ?

  • Marr

    hi.. i have installed a rom on my galaxy y.. and now i want to erase it.. and i just want the old look of gY.. how to get the old look?

    • Search and downloads the stock ROM and flash it via Recovery. That is why I suggest making a nandroid backup before installing a custom ROM.

  • sandeep

    can u tell me some fully customised and good looking rom can be.(except balancetDev)flashed via odin

    • sandeep

      is there any rom having the following configuration option enabled in the kernel (either built-in or as a module): CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_OWNER having flash enable by odin………..

    • BancetDev ROM is flashable via Odin.

    • There is no other ROM which can be flashed via Odin!

  • shaurav

    where can i find/download Skin1980-ect ect CWM; totally followed the instruction but didn’t find Skin1980-ect ect CWM while applying update from sd card

  • shaurav

    error occurs on boot image files when trying to restore 2012_01-

  • g17

    can i directly install this on a 2.3.5 ginger bread or do i nid to upgrade to 2.3.6 stock rom first?? please reply asap i really want this rom ^_^

  • g17

    – Restore files with Error –
    Restoring boot image…
    Error while flashing boot image!result was NULL, message is: assert failed:

    • Have you enabled USB Debugging? Please enable that and try!

  • g17

    can i ask a favor Lalit?? do you have a working Bokep Rom v. 0.1? BTW.. i successfully flash this rom thnx to you.

  • hey every one i just download the 14 notification bar and my galaxy y notification bar is gone when i installed

  • buang

    hey Lalit, i install 14 toggles notification bar on a stock rom? if not how can i install it??

  • Ashok

    hi lalit ….my galaxy y back key sometimes not working….what can i do nw …??? please help me …

  • manish lad

    I have installed the CREED, I want to use older version on OS how do i uninstall CREED.

    UNROOT-UPDATE.ZIP does not help

    • Unroot is for unrooting. To go back to stock OS, you must download it and flash it via recovery!

    • Unroot is for unrooting. To go back to stock OS, you must download it and flash it via recovery!

  • chris

    I have only try to flash the 14 notification bar via recocery and after that I have lost the notification bar.So tell me what I have to do?

    • Sorry I don’t get you. Did you lose the notification bar after flashing the zip file to fix it?

  • omkar

    i have problem with market…can’t download and install apps from android market…help me plz

  • Superb tutorial….!!

  • I am insall the creed rom but there some problam

    1 Google talk always shows an error for signup.
    2 Unable to download any app from market, it shows an error 101.

    I am nothing to anything.
    Please help me out
    Please ………………….,…….

  • omkar

    Cannot download(-101) …such types of errors occurs also I have update creed rom to version 2.1but then after dsp manager stop working and disappeared from aaps list
    There is another problem is that some music player apps not working…plz help

    • did you install the rom correctly and wipe the data??

  • omkar


  • cyberchris

    Thanks…. very good rom, but as all galaxy models has the same problem.
    with phone locked if you keep pressed the power button for 10sec’s the device going to force restart. I mean that if you place the phone in your pocket and you don’t know that the button is pressed the phone is turned off or offline and you may lose emergency calls. please help me to enjoy this rom on this device… please…!!!!

  • vasanth

    hey friends I used rom manager in my galaxy y but it’s not working because it’s default select my mobile model I cannot flash clockwork mode recovery pls help me I tired to install creed custom rom pls help me

    • You can install it using the stock recovery also!

  • Carlo

    is there any possible way to upgrade the Apps Market into Google Play Store?

    • You can download the APK file for Google Play Store!

    • Carlo

      i’ve downloaded the .apk file but its not installing right.
      -Creed’s ROM v2.1

    • Which APK file?

    • Carlo

      i have downloaded the first stable version of google play store and the 3.5.16 version of it..i cant install it everytime i tried to..hope you have solution to this..

    • What error do you see? Are you able to install the older version (I mean Android Market) ?

    • Carlo

      i am not getting any error message,
      after every installation
      Application not installed – thats the message that is displayed

    • Carlo

      Lalit Indoria, i have try two different Play Store .apk files,but in the end, all i get is the “Application Not Installed” message.
      im running Creeds ROM v2.0

      hope this mess will be fixed
      Thank You!

    • Perhaps flashing a gapps zip file may fix it!

    • Carlo

      where can i download that flashable gapps file?

  • Waseem

    No Network access and showing message “Insert Sim Card”.If I insert any SIM card it is sowing the same.Also not able to install any software in my Samsung galexy Y s5360.
    Please help me to get my mobile working back

    • You can flash the stock firmware back using Odin. I hope you had made a nandroid backup before installing this ROM!

  • Steve W

    The download is a winrar file which rom manager doesn’t see, is there anywhere to get it as a zip file?

    • hi lalit

      my phone is rooted already and i got also the CREEDS ROM but the notification bar is still only 5 (wifi, B/F, GPS, SOUND, auto rotation)

      how to get the 14 notification bar?

      tnx…hope u will reply

    • Did you flash this zip file from recovery?

  • vckyotp

    my audio jack totally not working!!!
    pls helpppp!!

  • tjf926

    hi, does flashing the phone with a custom firmware unlock it’s carrier lock status? i mean, i can then use any sim card i want?

    • You should not do it if it is carrier locked else you might brick your device!

  • Dharani

    Mr.Lalit I Canot find the option of Galaxy Mini…
    When I selected Flash ClockworkMod Recovery, it asks me to confirm phone model GT-S5360. After confirming I got message “GT-S5360 does not have an officialy supported ClockworkMod Recovery yet. Have your installed a ClockworkMOd based recovery manually? When I choose Yes, It asks me confirms version 1) ClockworkMod 2.x and ClockworkMod3.x.

    NOthing Else… pls Help

  • salahuddin

    i have installed creeds rom 2.5 it has installed successfully but talk application is missing completely..

  • omkar

    hey guys there is another custom rom “Chobits digitalis v1” which is totally bugs free… just try it, hope u like it… 🙂

  • omkar
  • athul pavithran

    I tried to flash a rom bt it doesnot go ahead of loading screen “Samsung Galaxy Y”
    I tried to flash stock rom bt it is the same.
    Is my phone soft bricked.
    What should i do.
    please help

  • Jobin

    Pls Hlp, Only 1 Prblm…. Audio Jack is not Working, Hope U reply soon….

  • Jack

    i can’t find “file, 2012_01-″

  • Nader

    Do it support the Arabic language

  • meeh

    why is my status bar or notification bar lost?? how can i put it back? tnx.
    reply ASAP!

  • Shyam Vora

    my phone displays the creed animation continuously. it does not starts.what should i do?
    thxxx in advance.