A Newbie’s Guide – HOW TO Promote Blog with Google

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No science can guarantee that a blog will win favor in Google. However with a few vital tips, one can have his/her blogging ranking among those prominent blogs and websites that have made it their habit to occupy the first important Google pages.

Well, here are some tips that bloggers might find useful:

  1. Switching on the site feed: this allows people to subscribe to the blogs site feed and hence likely to read more of the blogs posts.
  2. Inclusion of the blog into the blog listings: adding ones blog to the blog listings allows it to appear in the Nextblog feature, the recently updated feature, and various other places which could earn some traffic levels.
  3. Providing quality and appropriate content: writing content of good quality, with good grammar, efficient punctuation,and lovely design may appeal to the niche crowd. The main idea behind such is to gain mass appeal and hence it’s important.
  4. Set the blog to send pings: this is a sure way to ensure that the blog is included in the many web lists for “recently updated” websites, in addition to many other blog services.
  5. Navbar activation: activating this setting produces immediate results. Amongst features is the NextBlog. Clicking it takes one to the next Navbar among the many blogging services.
  6. Allowing instant mailing posting: suing the feature, “Email this post” allows people to forward the blogs posting to friends which essentially helps in publicizing the blog.
  7. Turning on the post pages: publishing every single page as an individual web page with post pages, ensures that the entries are much linkable and hence appealing to the search engines.
  8. Regular publishing of updates: this is as simple as stating that that the lesser one blogs that lesser the traffic received and the poorer the ranking is. Regularly updating the blog appeals to regular readers and they will be likely to come back often.
  9. Use content and arrangement that appeal to the target audience:focusing on a specific audience is a sure way to build Google reputation. This results into many repeat customers who translate into reasonable traffic.
  10. One should consider the search engine in all writing: it’s important to understand what Google looks for in ranking and address that specific aspect. It is vital that the blog is as search engine friendly as possible. One should consider using post titles as well as post page achieving which ensure that the posted pages have intelligent names. It’s also important to be descriptive in blogging.
  11. Shorten paragraphs and posts to reasonable levels: proving short and precise posts into the blog goes a long way in building the blogs Google reputation. Sweet and short posts are always appealing to visitors, who can always pass by and read them without fear of wasting time.
  12. Including the blog in email signatures: well, you probably have seen plenty of forwarded emails. Imagine if all these could link back to your website. You will no doubt enjoy the traffic.

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