HOW TO Record Skype Calls On Your iPhone or iPad

Skype services have been enabling people to connect faster and with much simplicity. People use Skype on many devices and iPhones and iPad are primary ones in that category. Though making and receiving calls can said to be one aspect of this service; another aspect would obviously be the ability to record all those Skype calls are made.

This feature is simply useful for many of people out there who use Skype for personal and chiefly business-based calls. This can lead to have a backup of calls whenever some dispute situation is encountered by the two calling parties. So, here is how you can record Skype call on your iPhone or iPad:

1. Recording Skype calls with SkyRecorder

There are many recording apps that can make your task simple in this case. But the best one reviewed is SkyRecorder. The SkyRecorder for iOS helps you in recording Skype calls on your iPhone or iPad.

Steps in recording with SkyRecorder

When you are participating in a Skype call and you need to record your call, the SkyRecorder comes to help. To do this you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, tap on the ‘record’ button of the SkyRecorder app and then start with your Skype call.
  • You will have to select the speakerphone while you are recording your conversation on the Skype call.

Record Skype Calls

SkyRecorder features

SkyRecorder offers you features as are mentioned below:

  • Recording time is unlimited
  • If you get interrupted by an incoming call on your iPhone, you can resume recording afterwards with the help of SkyRecorder.
  • SkyRecorder supports external stereo microphone
  • You can export or import the audio files using iTunes
  • Supports all operating systems
  • User interface is simple

2. Recording with Quick Voice

Another good app that you can use for getting the recordings of your Skype calls is Quick Voice. You can download it for free and have it as a minimal interface. Again, just like SkyRecorder you can record audio calls of unlimited length. The only thing that adds up to as limitation of Quick View is that you cannot run it as a background app and also if the size of your audio file increases the limit of 5MB, then you cannot transfer it from your iPad.

Skype calls record

3. Recording with Call Recorder for Skype

Call Recorder for Skype is yet another app that enables a user to get the Skype call recorded as an audio file. It is also simple like the SkyRecorder and the Quick Voice mentioned prior in this article. Those whom business requires them to make calls can get help of this featured app. This gives one an opportunity to crosscheck what was the actually call that was made and serves to be a great blessing in case of any dispute. You do not require any post installation for Call Recorder for Skype.

One feature that comes handy with Call Recorder for Skype is that you can either set the Skype recording on or off. Once you have set it on, your calls are automatically recorded. To see and hear the recordings you just have to go to Audio recordings tab in settings.

The only reason that this method is not preferable because first you have to purchase this app for a hefty price of $6.99 and also have to jailbreak your iDevice to use this method. via Redmond Pie

Ethics of Skype calls recording

It is better if you inform the second party in conversation that you are actually recording the Skype call. Some apps will ask for the permission from the other party or even if they don’t you must intimate him/her.

SkyRecorder is still far the best option

Of all the apps that have been mentioned or you know, so far SkyRecorder has been given the title of best option when you record a Skype call. Even journalists and business people recommend this for the usage.

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