ICS Aura ROM For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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There are quite a lot of custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y but the most famous custom ROMs Cyanogenmod and MIUI have not yet been compiled. However these custom ROMs perform really well on Galaxy Y. In this post we will see yet another custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y which is the ICS Aura ROM. Please note that this is not an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM but a ROM which has ICS icons and a few other ICS tweaks to make your phone similar to running Ice Cream Sandwich. You will not lose any data in this tutorial but if you face force close issues, you need to format data in your phone.

Features of ICS Aura ROM

  • Based on DXKL2(testing on DDKK1)
  • De0dexed
  • Zipaligned
  • DSP Manager
  • Auto Zipalign at Every Boot
  • init.d & Busybox Support
  • Sqlite3 added
  • sqlite.so & ssqlite_ini.so from ICS
  • (Improves Performance)
  • Removed Samsung Bloatware
  • added miui music player
  • widget
  • miui compass
  • miui themed 10 analog clocks
  • ics google search widget
  • ZEAM launcher
  • fast ,sleek ,awesome and sexy

Screen Captures of ICS Aura ROM

Steps to Install

You must have ClockworkMod Recovery Installed for this.

  1. Download the ROM zip file from here.
  2. Connect your phone to the PC via USB Cable. Make sure you have USB Debugging turned ON.
  3. Copy the zip file to the root of your SD card and not within any folder.
  4. Disconnect your phone from the PC and turn it off.
  5. Reboot into ClockworkMod recovery by pressing Home button + Volume up button and Power button for 20 seconds.
  6. When you are in recovery mode, select “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card”.
  7. Now select the zip file you had copied to the root of your SD card in Step 3.
  8. Go back and select “Reboot system now”.

In this way you can easily install ICS Aura ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below. For updates, check out the development thread.

  • Looks good. I may use it 😀

    • chandu

      hw did U do that.. can u send me the process.

  • Jana

    I tried it today . 1 st time it got stuck in the Samsung logo. I repeated the process 4 times same problem . And 5th time it got in . Its nice and now I am using it . Thank u developer. I have a problem unlike Sony wen I switch from gsm to wcdma mode in in Samsung it pops up a warning msg and ends the active data connection . except Samsung no other mobile does this . And I read in some post that to solve this problem we have to edit somethin in build.prop in system folder . Does any one know about it . And developer can u help me sort out this problem. Pls reply

  • Jainam Mehta

    I have read many reference site’s procedure for installation of custom ROM on my galaxy y after my 1st rooting of phone yesterday & finally preferred to go with this site. At first I tried to download creeds ROM but it shows failure error while installing. Then i tried ICS auro v1 & it got installed but after applying Reboot i faced multiple & continuos force closes so i again went in recovery mode and given factory reset & wipe cache data & then reboot, since then my phone was unable to start. It got stuck on samsung logo again & again. I installed ICS many times then but my phone didnt started. Then i flashed my phone officially with samsung ROM from a local shop. Now it is working. Again i have rooted it. But this time give me some proper hint about installation of ICS ROM if it faces force close problem or something else..
    Thanks in advance.

    • First, enable USB Debugging, remove all security apps. When you are in recovery mode, make a nandroid backup so that you can restore it if something wrong happens. After that, just wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache. Flash the ROM after this and again wipe everything and then reboot! Hope this helps!

  • Vijay Jain

    Tried atleast 4 to 5 times but facing FC issues each and everytime. Any solution ??

    • Wipe all data and reflash the ROM and again wipe all data.. Hope this helps!

  • ZAi

    My phone is restarting. Please help

  • Zai

    Please help me, after i installed ICS on galaxy y, i encountered a lot of force close apps, i reboot it and wipe it and after that i tried to open it again but i was stack on samsung logo. My phone wasn’t able to open. I tried to installed it again several times, but still, i wasnt able to open my phone. Please help me. Asap thanks.

    • Wipe all data and reflash the ROM and again wipe all data from recovery!

  • Vijay Jain

    Tried each n everything.. Nothing works..!!

  • jayson

    same problem hir my phone stock at samsung logo i tried it many times.. but still nothing happe. i wipe and clear cache and still my phone always restarting and still at the samsung logo

  • tjf926

    i installed the rom successfuly but i cant seem to use the keypad, i need to put log in details and i cant open the keypad. help

    • When it boots u first, just skip the step to enter login details. After that you will be able to use the keyboard and then you can add your Google account.

  • curra

    i was able to follow steps 1 to 5. I have a question for step 6 wherein, “When you are in recovery mode, select “Install zip from SD card”>”Choose zip from SD card”.” install zip is not part of the recovery mode option.


    • It might be something else like “flash zip from SD card”. Install zip is a general term!

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  • Prem

    I installed this on my phone without rooting . it was showing force close then i rooted in recovery mode then i wipe the data and installed again but nor working . only samsung logo is blinking . please help

    • Wipe all data and cache and then reflash the ROM!

  • kevin

    i tried many time bt always…..many apps has problem force to close

    • Did you wipe data?

    • kevin


    • Try to wipe data and there is no ICS for Galaxy Y as of now!

    • kevin

      official ics can be install on galaxy y??

    • kevin

      thnxxxxx……bt still nt wrking……..that ics file which is the size of 135mb…..should i install with same method??/

    • yes

  • Kaushal Raval

    After flashing the Rom u have to do wipe data , wipe cache via CWM recovery …. the boot loop will definitly go and u will b able to flash ur new Rom…..

    care should be take while doinf wipe data…. cause u will lose data on internal memry

  • kevin

    its necessary to download cwm of samsung galaxy mini …before installing ics aura…………..and whats this………http://www.mediafire.com/?76kf2la9c6hp59i

  • kevin

    this 153mb file is .rar nt a .zip ……then how to install this in galaxy y

    • kevin

      sorry 135mb

  • kevin

    any update is available in ics aura???

  • naveen

    when will come ics update for galaxy y

  • bala

    ICS Aura ROM For Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is not working….if follow above steps it gets stuck in Samsung logo screen and restart infinitely…..i tried for 10 times with
    different gingerbread firmware version DDLA1,DDLA2,DDLA3……ANY ONE CAN HEPL……..

  • chandu

    i hve install ICS AURO in galaxy Y.. but it shows force close repeatedly applications. wht can I do now..? please suggest me in this.

  • chandu

    i tried the Wipe even but it restart continously… wht will do now..?

  • steve


  • hi for any problem to recover your samsung galaxy y, just add me here in yahoo [email protected] thanks!

  • standly

    how long does it take to reboot after installing it? coz it’s stuck on the samsung logo..

  • ally mc jane

    You need to use ODIN to recover you phone >stacked at samsung logo

    And The Latest FIRMWARE