iGreetingCard for Windows Is Free for 72 Hours – Make Holiday Cards

Are you looking for a greeting maker to make holiday cards with your own photos? iGreetingCard for Windows is exactly what you can expect to make various gorgeous greeting cards. Especially in this festival holiday season, it is a useful tool to make holiday greeting cards, such as Christmas cards, New Year cards, and other popular event cards.

Covered with a wide range of exclusively designed templates for different holidays and events, it is quite easy to turn photo into eye-catching greeting card. Only a few clicks and seconds, you can make stunning e-cards.


Each card design features a background image, clipart frames where you can insert your photos (although pictures can be used without a frame), and clipart elements. The images and the clipart items can be added quickly through a simple drag and drop. When dealing with pictures, you can drag them from the library or from the Finder, or you can double click on the frame and choose the image.

On the bottom, you will find the Add Text button that will enable a text field and reveal the text panel on the left. You can input the message there, set the alignment, font, color and adjust the shadow.

With no exception, each element can be resized, moved and rotated. When you use multiple images you can specify their order, while the Mask panel allows you to give them amusing shapes (the templates go from blurred margins to animal designs).

The Settings take into account the overall card dimensions so you can easily make the necessary adjustments if you plan to print out the final result. In fact, there are three possibilities to export your work via iGreetingCard: print it directly, save it as an image (in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF format), or send it via email.


Key features

  • 70+ unique templates provided to make wonderful greeting cards.
    – Christmas Card
    – New Year Card
    – Thanksgiving Card
    – Valentine’s Day Card
    – Birthday Card
    – Halloween, Easter Day, Wedding, Mother’s Day, and moreā€¦
  • 50+ dreamlike mask effect available
  • 80+ frames provided
  • 300+ various clipart pre-designed to decorate greeting cards.
  • Add text on holiday card
  • Support JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP formats


Softease runs a time-limited giveaway for iGreetingCard before Christmas coming. The giveaway will be available for 72 hours from Friday 0:00 (PST) December 21, to Monday December 23. Grab this program and make your own greeting cards for friends and family on special days.

Giveaway page: http://www.softease.biz/igreetingcard-windows.html

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