Importance of Off-Page Optimization in SEO

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Search Engine Optimization

With growth of Internet as largest online business industry, website optimization has gained much pace. In other words, improved website usability as well as its visibility in different search engines has become necessary in order to receive more and more traffic. For this purpose, search engine optimization techniques are utilized which are classified in two main categories listed below:

1. Off page Optimization.
2. On page optimization.

These two techniques have many differences in between but one must not rely on a single one for website optimization as both play important roles in this regard. In This article we will discuses about Off Page Optimization.

About Off Page Optimization

Off page techniques, as obvious from the name, refer to those tricks for SEO which are performed off the web page. In simple words, in off page optimization there is no need to perform alterations in the basic layout or design of the website. It simply refers to promotion of any website i.e. it can be thought of as online marketing of any website to improve its visibility in the search engines.

Importance of Off Page Optimization

In order to have higher rankings in the indices of major as well as minor search engines, off page optimization is inevitable. Major search engines, like Google, have shifted the strategy for ranking websites to some extent as it has to crawl through a lot of stuff. Now ranking are assigned on the basis of website linking. Consequently, off page optimization has gained much more importance because it primarily refers to one important aspect which is the same, website linking. In simple words, it means how a website links to other websites and vice versa. In the context of website optimization, off page optimization is an ever continuing process for improved page visibility and higher page ranks in search engines. A variety of factors are handled off the page by the techniques of off page optimization which ultimately result in higher page ranking in search engines indices along with driving targeted visitors to the website.

There are various factors which collectively account for off page optimization and when properly implemented result in favorable outcomes. Some of the important aspects of off page optimization are mentioned briefly:Off Page Optimization

  • Link Building: The most important factor to be considered while talking about off page optimization is the link building. In fact, off page optimization is primarily achieved through link building. Search engines define ranking majorly depending on the importance of any website. One method of measuring website importance adopted by search engines is to find how much links other websites have to that respective website. If these links are in good numbers, search engines assume that there is something on the site according to visitor’s interest. Therefore, a well planned link building exercise is much important for website optimization.
  • Social Bookmarking: Probably the best promotion tool around these days is none other than a social bookmarking site. For website promotion, social media be effectively used.
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  • Articles: Another very important source of backlinks is article submission. Relevant content can be submitted to bulk of free submission websites.

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