Top 3 Important Things Every Blogger Should Do To Make More Money

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Blogging has several arms that hold the building of your business and ensure you make headway. However, there are three important things you should be doing if you want to make more money easily.

You may liken these 3 important things as the foundation that holds the entire structure. If the foundation is strong, then everything would flow. I’ve come to realize that blogging isn’t that difficult – there is no difference between blogging and having an offline business. Everything connects with one another and that’s where productivity sets in.
Before I highlight the three things you should be doing, here’s a review on “focus.”

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The Power of Focus

While blogging can be profitable in the long-run, you need to stick to it. Sometimes, your expectations might not surface in the first one, two or three months. If you stay focused and passionate about your blogging business, you’ll definitely win.
Staying focused helps you to uncover great goldmines on the way. There is a chance of discovering profitable niches and ideas to make more money as you stay on a specific task. Even when you diversify and increase your money-making systems, focus would sustain you no matter how glossy it seems.

1. Rabid Market

2. Hot Product Offer

3. Email List

1. Rabid Market

If you want to continually make money online, be it in blogging, affiliate marketing, product creation and freelancing, a rabid market is the first important criteria. When the market is rabid (evergreen and willing to buy), you’ll earn more.

Some people have found themselves in markets where people are unwilling to spend money, or respond to any offers. These types of niches are not meant for product sales, they work well with pay per click monetization.

There are various means to earn money with a website apart from selling, cost per action programs (CPA) may be your best bet.
Get on to a rabid market; where there are unlimited problems, you would succeed if you stay focused.

2. A Hot Product Offer

Whether the product is yours or one of those high converting affiliate offers, just make sure you’ve a product for your market. I see a lot of bloggers who write quality contents every time, but do not have the products to garnish the content.
Content has its own arm of delivery. The best way to complete your content and lead readers to get even greater benefit is by recommending a product. This may not be a direct referral, but by having a product prominently on your blog, your chances of converting readers into buyers is enhanced.

To get started with this, you need to have your own product. The easiest product format these days is the PDF (portable document format) and with this, you can become a proud author of some powerful e-book and short reports easily.

3. An Email List

Email ListEvery blogger should be passionate about this; building an email list. I think the most profitable activity online is to collect email leads of potential customers. Researchers have shown that people do not make their buying decisions the first time they come in contact with your ads.

You need to send the same or tweaked marketing ad 6 – 7 times before they buy. You don’t expect a total stranger to buy your product offers, when he’s skeptical about scam and unworthy products.

What problems is your target market facing? Use this as an edge to capture email addresses and start building relationships. I actually built a list when I launched my coupon blog that reviews sittercity coupon, hostgator coupon, 6pm discount codes etc.

Your prospects may have loosed money to some unscrupulous marketers, and now you’re here horning your product’s benefit. Please give them time. Build an honest relationship with them first, before recommending anything.

If you’re yet to start building an email list of targeted prospects, it’s not too late. Start today and before you know it, your email list would grow to become a strong marketing billboard.

Marketing Takeaway

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now in your blog, the above three important things are prerequisite for attaining success. Just stay focused on these aspects of your business and you’ll reap great rewards both in the short and long term. See you ahead!


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