Use These New Instagram Features For Your Business

Instagram is one of the most powerful online platforms today. With over 200 million daily active users, Instagram is now ranked significantly higher than Twitter and Snapchat whose user base is much lower. This means there’s a huge audience difference within these sites, making Instagram the most important platform in the marketing world.

More than 1 million companies use Instagram for advertising their brand on daily basis. The reason why businesses are using Instagram is because it’s growing fast and engaging a larger audience. It’s obvious that Instagram will keep previewing new features more often now. This indicates the increasing value of Instagram’s offers to its users, both private and businesses alike. Here’s a quick preview of  Instagram’s newest features.


Hashtag Stickers

This feature allows you to add hashtags as stickers to your Instagram stories. Before this you could add your hashtag text manually, however with this feature allows people who watch your story to click on the “Hashtag” prompt. Combining this feature with Instagram Updates is a great way to promote your company. It builds brand awareness and gets your audience to engage. Make sure you update your stories on daily basis in order  to keep your audience interested.


Selfie Filters

This Instagram feature will sound quite familiar. Similar to Snapchat’s filters, Instagram has now added eight face filters which include crowns, glasses and animal features. You can even use them with Boomerang! Use these filters to show off your work environment. For example, you can post a photo of the month’s employee with a crown filter.


Rewind Videos

These feature lets you take a videos with Instagram’s camera and they play it only in rewind mode- similar to Boomerang but much cooler to watch. Make use of this feature to create cool attention-grabbing illusions of you brand that will capture your audience’s interest immediately.


Instagram Collections

Before this feature, the posts you saved were added together in a pile without any ways of separating them. Fortunately for all the neat freaks out there, this feature allows you to compile your saved posts into different collections. Now you can organize your posts however you like, and most importantly, you will be able to find them right away. Pretty awesome, right?


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