New Features of iOS 5 and iCloud, Release Date Nears

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It is very likely that you be informed of the event that Apple held shortly at 10 am on U.S. Pacific time. Most of the relevant information has been focusing on the new terminal’s more than possible that the company will show the world the apple. However, since we would like to focus Bitelia the matter to the latest software involved in the launch.

On 6 June this year, during the developer conference WWDC Apple ecosystem, the company unveiled a very ambitious intentions to revolutionize the way we use electronic devices, these two names had specific intentions, IOS 5 and icloud , the first major update of Apple’s mobile operating system since it was introduced, the second is the storage service in the cloud proposed by the boys from Cupertino. But what is known so far of these products and what else can we expect?

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iOS 5

More than 200 new features were added to an operating system that has undergone many upgrades beta from June to now. Still has not even released the Golden Master to developers, which makes predicting that tomorrow there will be a final version for the general public, but the latest beta for those who program applications on the platform.

Of the largest integrated developments in IOS 5 include:

  • IMessage : an application of instant messaging between mobile devices from Apple (iPhone, iPod touch, iPhone). Through it the traditional SMS and MMS will become unnecessary when you try to send text and other multimedia gadgets owners of the block.Whatsapp is perhaps the best way to compare, but without the platform. Any forecast for tomorrow? Yes, a desktop application, as has been rumored, it would be appropriate to close the circle.
  • Notification Center , one of the weaknesses of IOS will be. Until now it was impossible to consult a history of notifications, which iOS 5 will be located at a center located on the main screen providing access to the application generating the message. A huge step forward.
  • Reminders : so far, including tasks with alarm was an action to perform within the timeframe of an archaic form, or you could use a specific app. Reminders will give us the option to add time to conduct tasks in a fast integrated into the system. Even with the help of GPS you can set the reminder function of location, such as a shopping list if we close the store.
  • Kiosk : the magazine shop that Apple hopes to make available to the world with a system similar to the current iBookstore selling eBooks.
  • Camera and photos : from IOS 5 will take a picture quickly, unlike now. From the lock screen will be a shortcut to the viewer and you can use the volume button to capture the image. More options to focus and expand as well as a simple issue behind the photo section make this a noteworthy aspect of the OS upgrade.
  • Without PC : Another of the criticisms and weaknesses of IOS was the dependence of many processes such as iTunes to upgrade the system or make backups. With this icloud be a thing of the past.

The above list contains the highlights of this renewal of software, new ink left in the minors as changes in Mail and Safari, Twitter integration of system-wide basis, gestures multitasking on the iPhone, new views in the Calendar …

Will Apple’s innovations are not exposed so far? Yes, probably exist, and in particular is commenting much a revolutionary voice recognition system (or assistant) with which Apple could surprise us tomorrow. More than a year ago the Cupertino company acquired a company called Siri that specializes in this matter, and has leaked Nuance collaboration in the project.Nuance is the owner of Dragon software and its derivatives and has the most patents on existing speech recognition. A similar integration at the system level could make the gestures interface was now to be just one of the ways we communicate with mobile devices.


Turn to the new storage service in the cloud of Apple. icloud is not a simple data storage on Apple servers, and tools such as Dropbox, is much more than that. This is the natural evolution of the old product called MobileMe, which synchronize calendars and email accounts. With icloud we can access our photos, apps, music, documents, mail and calendars from any of our devices on the block.

Suppose for example we do a picture with the iPhone, at the same time this photo available on our iPhone and our Mac to the latest 1000 photos will be accessible in this way. In the case of music, our entire collection will be available for download to your device at any time, you just have to decide which author list or want to have in local mode and the device does the rest.

Similar processes are followed for mobile applications (and enabled a few weeks ago) and now only expected that the documents made using Keynote, Pages and Numbers is also the cloud rise automatically when the service officially launches. We can not forget backups of our wireless devices. With icloud is safe to dump the contents of your iPhone or iPhone to the cloud that we can always restore the data if a failure or loss of essential information.

The way that Apple understands this storage and synchronization system is novel, because there are processes that require action by the user, unlike other alternatives all happens transparently, after an initial synchronization are simply content in the cloud available for all devices.

What to expect on the particular event in the morning? Since IOS icloud is interlaced 5 can not be expected to be released one before the other. If we think iOS 5 will not be published tomorrow because the Golden Master has not yet been sent to developers, the same is true with icloud. However, some other developments could be announced.

So I just left your emails, documents, images, account information, settings and other data applications that do not usually occupy much space. You’ll be surprised how much can you give 5 GB. And if you need more space, you can expand the storage capacity directly from your device.

For example, iTunes Match , a system associated with icloud looking at Apple’s servers have music stored locally on your Mac, iPhone or iPhone was introduced to the U.S. but sure progress has been made ​​to extend this tool to other countries . These arrangements depend on the labels, which are regulated differently in each nation. iTunes in the cloud , the availability of our music on all apple products may have encountered a similar obstacle, so tomorrow could also have new .

As you can see here, there are many interesting things related to the software during the event will know Let’s just iPhone October 4. Hypertext will do a follow-up of keynote to which all are invited, I hope. And do not miss in this blog summaries presented to the software, telling in detail any further developments

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