IPhone 5 could Be First iPhone with Wireless Charging

So, are you also fascinated by the concept of wireless charging feature in the new upcoming iPhone 5? Honestly and agreeably; it does sounds like a ‘super-cool’ idea! Obviously, we have all fantasized of simply stepping in our room or a portion of house and the phone battery begins to charge itself, automatically, by some wireless mechanism. Would you want to have such a phone, which charges automatically via wireless technology? Well, everyone (including, myself) would be more than willing to have a phone like that. So, is iPhone 5 turning this fabulous technological fantasy into a reality? Well, that’s what I am about to unleash for you!

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What’s The Truth About iPhone 5?

Well, as always, the rumors come with tons of sensationalization and it has been the case with iPhone 5, as well. So, does that mean all the fuss about wireless charging feature in iPhone 5 was nothing but a lie or a rumor? When did I say that? All, I am saying is that the truth has been a little spiced up and I am going to put forward the naked truth (without any spices) for you!

Back in 2011, few patents have been filed by iPhone manufacturers (Apple). These patents have been about the inductive technology based wireless charging feature, being the property of iPhone manufacturers. According to Apple, that inductive wireless charging tech has been planned to be used in iOS devices that includes iPad, iPod and iPhone.

Two Things You Should Know About iPhone 5

The first thing that you should understand about the whole issue is that, filing a patent does not indicate that the patented technology has to be used in the latest (about-to-be-launched) product. So, there is not guarantee that Apple is going to bring in the wireless charging feature in iPhone 5; it’s a ‘may be’ or ‘may not be’ situation.

However, let’s explore more about the nature of that wireless technology in iPhone 5. That wireless charging feature functions according to the principles of induction and one thing about that technology is sure: It is not going to be completely wireless technology. Now, it is expected that iPhone manufacturers may accessorize the device with a charging pad, that has the induction technology but you still would have to plug in the charging pad in a traditional switch.

Once you have the charging pad, you can place the iPhone 5 on top of it to avail the induction charging feature. The wireless technology remains, as far as, we strictly take iPhone into account; however, the charging pad of iPhone will not be all wireless device. It is also assumed that the inductive charging pad may also function more like some NFC device that can also assist data transferring device and may also be used along with some other devices by Apply.

For some technology lovers, this wireless feature may not seem to be “wireless enough”, however, for the most devoted iPhone fans; this technology is definitely going to create quite a stir. So, are you awestruck by the new and most anticipated feature of iPhone 5 by Apple?

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