iPhone 5 Rumored To Come With a Nano SIM

iPhone 5 is creating a buzz in the cell phone industry as Apple product enthusiasts and the brand’s competitors wait in anticipation for the phone which is described as the ‘best iPhone’ yet. The cell phone industry is also abuzz with the rumors that iPhone 5 might be the first smart phone to come with the Nano SIM.

The iPhone 5

iphone 5
iPhone enthusiasts are anticipating the launch of the iPhone 5 and the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, what features will the iPhone 5 come with? Apple has not officially unveiled the features that the iPhone 5 will come with, but here are some of the features that the phones are expected to come bundled up with.

  • A5 processor chip with a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU and ARM Cortex-A9 CPU
  • 1.2 to 1.5 GHz processor speed
  • iCloud support
  • a camera with a higher resolution
  • 4 inch screen
  • iOS 5 support
  • AT&T leaked documents imply that the iPhone 5 will work on 4 G networks and will be compatible with Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks
  • Nano SIM card support

The iPhone 5 is expected to retail at the same price as the iPhone 4 when it was launched, but the price could be considerably higher depending on the updated features that the phone will come with.

There are also rumors that Apple might release an iCloud phone which alongside iPhone 5. The iCloud phone is expected to be considerably cheaper and the phone is expected to be called the iPhone Mini or iPhone Nano. The mini iPhone will have considerably less storage space, expected to stand at 8 gigabytes. However, the phone is expected to support the streaming of media through MobileMe support.

The Nano SIM

The Nano SIM is German (G&D) Giesecke & Devrient’s innovation and the company recently announced that the Nano SIM will be released with a smart phone very soon. G&D, who produced the SIM card as we know it, have disclosed that the first smart phone to come with the Nano SIM could be released into the market early next year. The Nano SIM is said to be the smallest SIM card available, and it is said to be 1/3 smaller than micro SIM cards. The Nano SIM measures 12mm x 9mm and it is said to be small enough to fit on an average person’s pinkie finger nail. The cards will also be 15% thinner than the current micro SIM cards, with the firm cutting their thickness down to 0.65 mm.

So what’s the big deal about the Micro SIM cards?

Having a smaller and thinner SIM card means that the mobile devices they are to be fitted in will come with smaller SIM slots and readers. This leaves room for smart phone devices to accommodate other technical changes. Backward compatibility will be made possible with the use of an adaptor.

iphone 5 micro sim

The future of SIM cards

In the recent past, cell phones and other mobile devices were coming in smaller and more compact packages. But as technology advanced and more high-tech features came bundled up in smart phones; the devices came with larger screens and were packaged in svelte designs. SIM cards seem to be following the same direction, as smaller SIM cards are continually released into the market. The current micro SIM cards have still not caught on amongst cell phone users, and the same is expected for the Nano SIM cards. However, removable SIM cards may be discarded in the future when phones will come with fixed hardware modules with the ability to be remotely modified by cell phone operators.

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