iPhone Security flaw:Private Data Accessible without entering PIN


A huge security flaw has been detected in the latest iPhone 2.0.2. Anyone can access your iPhone’s private such as the private information in Mail, SMS, Contacts, and even Safari even if it is “password protected” This works in two steps:
Check whether your iPhone is locked with a password

  • Tap the emergency call button
  • Double tap the Home button.

This is it. Your iPhone is unlocked!!! This trick can let anyone access your private data, contacts and even voice mail.Let me tel you the worse part of this: If you tap on the blue arrow next to the names, it will give full access to private information in the favorites. This even gives full access to mail application and all your mails are exposed!! If you click on a URL in the contacts, your phone’s Safari is exposed and if you click on “send text message” in the contacts, all your SMS data is exposed. Well, this exposes almost all of your private information. A solution to this is:

  • Go to Settings->General
  • Click on Home button and select “either Home or iPod”

In this way double click on the Home button will take the user back to the unlock screen. But you will lose the ability to access your favorites :(. Apple will be fixing this problem in November.

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