6 Critical Bugs in Iphone 4

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For all the hype surrounding the iPhone 4, it is definitely not perfect. Then again, nothing is. But expectations were driven up so high prior to this release from Apple that the item, once it came out, more or less hit excited consumers like the smartphone equivalent of a downer.Whether this should be blamed on the exaggeration of consumer expectations or on the companys shortcomings may well remain a debate for some time, but the concerns below, which deal with some of the most prominent iphone4 bugs, are certainly echoed by a lot of disappointed users.

iphone 4 bugs1. The iPhone 4 has an impractically hard glass back. How is this a problem? Simply because hardness does not always translate to durability, especially where devices of this type are concerned. A good many users have already experienced shatters of the concerned part with only minimal bumps, all because the supposedly ultra-strong glass used by Apple is actually just ultra-hard. End result: a lack of flexibility that lowers its tensile strength.

2. The screen suffers from yellow spots. This is most easily explained by the innovation of the screen itself. As the technology being used is quite fresh, especially for the size of the product, it is to be expected that some glitches like this happen every now and then.Unfortunately, it can also make you feel slightly hallucinatory on occasion.

3. The thing is hot! And no, not in a good way. The Apple iPhone 4 has already been observed to heat up quite impressively due to inefficient operation of the radio.

4. The battery is rather weak considering how big it is. This is actually quite a good point. To be sure, the iPhones battery should be classed in the average levels when it comes to actual performance compared to other smartphones. However, given how large the object is, it is also considered a surprise that it only makes it to the middle of the pack instead of aiming for the top. Some users speculate this could be related to the screen issues as well as the radio problem mentioned above. If the radio can be tweaked to perform with a little more efficiency, it is argued that the battery may last just a little longer.

5. There are problems with the proximity sensor. Quite a common complaint, this is supposedly the result of running a restoration from an earlier iPhone models backup. As such, experts are saying that all you need to do to avoid this problem is set the new iPhone as a new phone entirely. However, there are also people who claim that the issue is not so easily resolved and that their proximity sensors go on and off without any distinguishable pattern.

6. Finally, we have the dreadedDeath Grip of the iPhone, the farcical situation that required Apple to advise iPhone owners not to hold the bottom left side of the units. While most mobile phone makers throughout the years have indeed provided similar warnings for their models (e.g. do not retract antenna during a call, avoid covering antenna for better reception), very few have ever had to deal with such a patent drop in performance upon contravention of those warnings. The iPhone has never been known for excellent reception, of course, but this particular models reception has been noted to be so bad that it has exposed one of Apples biggest weaknesses to its usually adoring consumer base. The company should take the note and start working harder on perfecting their smartphones radiofrequency systems.

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