Key Tips for Selling Your Website

Now that you know how to create these Amazon sites, it is time to decide what to do with them. Your choices are to keep them and add more reviews (build an authority site) or sell them. I like to mix a little of both actually.

I will keep a handful of sites and enjoy the monthly earnings and always be trying to sell one or two to get the lump sum payout. Most people initially think that they should just keep building sites and build their monthly recurring income. Honestly, this is just too dangerous. The internet itself and the companies you are dealing with are constantly changing. One day you can be number one in Google with a site that makes $1000+ a month and the next day your site can be de-indexed by Google. Just look what happened to all the people who used BMR.

Google literally wiped out peoples entire income, even if they did have quality sites. Plus, who is to say that Amazon won’t change their payment policies or won’t let you state participate in their affiliate program any more as has happened in the past. By selling some of your sites, you help to diversify your earnings while you build a lump sum of cash for other ventures or in case of an emergency etc.

Where to sell your sites

Where to sell your sites

There are a few different places to sell your sites. You can sell at Warrior forum, Digital Point, eBay or Flippa.

Flippa will be your best bet and is where I sell all of my sites. I’m not going to get real deep into how to sell your sites but I will give you a basic overview of what you will need and what to expect. An entire course could be written (and has) about just selling sites there.

First, before you sell your sites, make sure they have at least three months of consistent earnings. You will have to provide traffic and earning details when you list your site for sale.

How much should they make before you sell?

Well, that’s up to you. I will start to think about selling a site if it makes $200 or more a month. Yet, I usually lean closer to the $500 a month range. We are figuring on getting 10-12X the monthly earnings for the sale of the site. I find that this price range is still pretty easy to sell in. When your sites start to get into the making $1000 or more a month, I usually just hang onto them and try to build upon them into authority sites. Plus, when you start asking $10k or more for a site, it limits the people who can afford it drastically.

How much should you ask?

I usually shoot for 10-12X monthly earnings. If I have a site that consistently makes $500 a month I will be looking to get $5-6K for that site. This seems to be pretty much a standard on Flippa.

The Selling Process

Selling on Flippa is much like eBay (if you are familiar with that). It is an auction based process where you can approve or deny bids. Why would you want to deny bids? I deny bids from anyone who doesn’t have a positive track record (feedback) of buying sites on Flippa. Trust me, you want to look at each person who is bidding on your listing and be selective. Send them a message and talk to them a little. If you just approve every bid you will end up with a winner that won’t pay for your site causing you to have to re-list it, deal with delays, etc.

Accepting Payments

Accepting Payments


As much as you may think that taking PayPal would be a safe option, it isn’t. I have personally been ripped off by someone on Flippa who bought a site from me when I first started out there. He bought a site, and promptly paid via PayPal. I transferred the site over and assumed everything was set. Two months later he bounced the site over to a private registrar and filed a dispute with his credit card company. Now, I have been dealing with PayPal for 10 years with a business account. PayPal immediately took the money out of my account. After I provided them with a ridiculous amount of proof, documents and letters from my attorney, they sided with the credit card company/buyer. He got my site which was earning around $400 a month for free and I lost a good earning site, time and money.

Again, only take Escrow and have them send it to you as a check. This is how I have been doing it since.

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