Have You Just Lost Your Google Pagerank for Good?

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There is news already shaking the SEO world today. It is the news about the latest Google pagerank changes that happened today. I actually went to bed soundly yesterday happy that the pagerank for my website where I talk about dick blick discounts and istockphoto coupons is still active, only to wake up this morning to find out that my pagerank has disappeared. At first, I thought the problem was just as a result of my internet being slow and the add-on I use responding slowly so I decided to wait a few minutes and try again, but I keep on getting the same error. I decided to check Twitter and Facebook to see what is happening only to see people saying Google has just stopped its PR feature. I was a little bit confused, but I knew Google can’t just stop its pagerank service, not just yet. As a result I decided to visit Google and do some research about the subject to see what is happening. It was after the research that I noticed that the problem isn’t with the fact that Google stopped its pagerank feature or that there was another update, the problem had to do with something else.

google pagerank change

The Recent Google PR Server Change

The reason for the recent changes in Google PR is due to the fact that Google just changed its PR server and as a result also changed its query URL.

The old query URL is:


The new query URL is:


What that means is that any plugin, software, addon, website or PR tool trying to use the old server to check PR won’t be working again.

If you noticed any problem with your PR lately or if you aren’t getting any results, then there is no need to panic or be afraid. It is due to the recent changes in the Google PR system. Nothing has happened to your pagerank, and your site won’t be affected. The only thing happening is a recent change in the Google Pagerank query URL which will soon be fixed in a lot of SEO tools and websites, and as a result you will soon be able to check your Google Pagerank easily.

You Can Still Check Your Google Pagerank Now, though…

If you want to check your Google pagerank now to ensure everything is okay you can easily install the Google Toolbar on your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser and you will be able to check it.

BlogoTech still remains at PR-2. Has your pagerank changed?

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