Plan & Make Your Travel Easier With These 4 Travel Apps for Smartphones

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If you’re a smartphone user with plans to travel soon, you could make the whole experience loads easier by investigating some quality travel apps. There are hundreds of apps available for iPhone and Android platforms specializing in all sorts of mobile services meant to streamline the hassles of traveling, from restaurant locators to gas price estimators to currency exchange rate indicators. There are mobile phones that help you stay on time with transport and those that manage lengthy itineraries. When you’re caught up in the frenzy of on-the-go travel, a useful mobile app may make the difference in an important decision that could affect the rest of your trip. Consider downloading any of these four apps before you embark on your next journey!



TripIt is an app for the organized traveler. With it, you can construct a lengthy and elaborate itinerary including travel times to for planes, buses, etc. that adheres to your schedule down to the minute. Simply make an account with TripIt after downloading the app (for free) and input information from your scheduled plane flight, train ride, or other form of transportation to be synced with the app. TripIt will take your transportation’s itinerary and integrate it into your own customized itinerary so all planned activity for your trip can be viewed in one space. If you’re willing to spend the money, you can purchase enticing upgrades for TripIt. Upgrades include push notifications that alert you to changes or delays in your transportation itinerary, VIP privileges, and alternate route recommendations.

Free WiFi Finder


As the name promises, Free WiFi Finder helps the user find free WiFi hotspots not matter where they use the app. If you’re stuck in an unfamiliar setting and your smartphone isn’t providing you with sufficient internet access, just turn on Free WiFi Finder in order to locate the closest place to access free high-speed internet. WiFi locations are featured on an easy-to-navigate map interface so you know exactly where to find the hotspot. You can also call the WiFi locations to confirm the free internet access. And this app isn’t limited to the U.S.—in fact, it lists WiFi locations in over 144 countries. This app is a must-have for those who can’t live without constant internet access when traveling.



For frequent fliers, few mobile apps are as useful as FlightBoard. The concept behind FlightBoard is simple but profound: it’s a mobile display of up-to-date arrival and departure times for any flight around the world. No longer will you have to rush to your airport’s flight board to catch the latest updates on the status on your flight. Now you can significantly reduce your stress to make a flight on-time by accessing the information from your smartphone well ahead of time. Available for both Android and iPhone smartphones, this app is well worth the $3.99 if just to avoid depending on an airport for a flight’s status.



Subway systems in an unfamiliar city can be intimidating at best even to the experienced traveler. AllSubway offers a basic solution for people traversing subway lines in major cities across the globe by providing its users with thoroughly detailed subway maps. You can zoom in on the subway maps for any city so you can better understand the intricacies involved in each route and determine what way best suits your travel plans. It may seem like an over simplistic app, but if you find yourself lost in a city’s subway system, it might just be your saving grace. As a $0.99 travel app, it’s certainly worth a try.

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