5 Must Have Qualities of a New Blogger

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According to Technorati, thousands of blogs are created each day. And if you make a quick estimate on the number of blogs currently occupying the World Wide Web then the figures are truly mind boggling. However, many of these blogs simply disappear as quickly as it was created. Getting lost in the sea of blogs is easy even for the most experienced blogger.

So you’ve finally decided to create your own blog and is eager to get started. After reading so many success stories and a few visits to your favorite blog sites you firmly believe that it’s time to create your personal space.

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1. Patience

If there is one quality that any new blog owner should have then it definitely should be PATIENCE. There will be days when everything seems to be moving so slow and a little bit of patience is the only thing that can keep you going. Remember that you are competing with blogs that have been online for years and have hundreds of blog followers.

There is no quick fire way of getting to the top and all of these blog owners had their own share of growing pains. Give your blog time to breathe and grow and be patient in seeing those numbers. Keep your goals realistic and keep a cup of coffee within reach just in case.

2. Be Positive

Winners have a winning attitude and successful bloggers always have that positive attitude. Blogging is unique simply because it is a highly personal experience. Blogs unlike websites are maintained by a single person and keeping yourself focused at the task at hand requires a positive attitude.

We should always find that bright spot in everything we do. Either when we’re constantly being pressured to write new content or researching for new SEO techniques. A negative attitude can be reflected in how we write our content and you wouldn’t want your readers to be turned off with negative feelings.

3. Be Smart

Writing great content will always be half of the job but there are other factors to consider in getting your blog started. If you want to make blogging a career then learning the basics of the trade is you want to be taken seriously. If there is something that new bloggers would have to learn fast then it would be SEO.

You don’t have to be an expert in SEO to be a successful blogger. Sometimes what goes behind the blog is as important as what you write in your content. Never be scared of trying new things, there will always be pitfalls along the road. Be smart, identify and learn from your mistakes.

4. Be an Investor

The amount of time and effort that we place on our blog has a direct impact on its success. Being cheap doesn’t help either. Consider this as a business and plan out a marketing strategy. You can also read Crystal’s view on Importance of Article marketing for New Blogs. Quality comes with a price and premium services usually require a fee. Invest in analytic tools that help you monitor the blog for example. Registering your personal domain also costs you a couple of dollars every year.

5. Be Sociable

Just like building links for your blog, creating personal relationships with your readers and fellow blog owners is crucial. A personal touch is definitely a must in keeping your blog healthy. Build your social networks by exchanging ideas with other blogs. Providing a comment box and allowing your readers the ability to give feedback allows better communication.

Article by Michael Scottsdale, who is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. When he’s not writing for Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange, he could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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