The Need for Top Rated Antivirus Software on Your PC

There used to be a time when computing and the IT Sector were clean and free of potential hackers, threats, Trojans, etc. But today, standing here in 2014, our computers are at a great risk from all of these, including hackers trying to manipulate your information, or worms trying to harm the general functioning of your computer, and nagging you to the maximum extent possible. Everyone wants a smooth working, error free and responsive computer, and maintaining this top performance is not as easy as some might imagine.

To ensure that your PC is secure, it is very, very important to install an antivirus software, and keep it optimized and updated, in accordance with the security optimization standards of each manufacturer. Prevention is better than trying to cure a problem, so, in order to protect a computer from these potential threats, security software is used.

Antivirus, as the name suggests, is a computer program that helps fight against various viruses, and threats to a system working online, or connected over an Offline network. Antivirus software is available in a wide variety. Some companies offer paid solutions, but free versions also exist for most products. The paid ones are better in the sense that they provide custom end user support, a wider range of security features, and are much easier to use and configure.

A virus may enter your computer from any outside source. It can be passed on over the internet, or it can be installed from a pen drive you just borrowed from a friend of yours, or even a CD. The best antivirus will identify the virus immediately and will not even allow it to enter your system; but even if it does, the antivirus software deletes it right away, before it causes any actual harm.

One more aspect in security optimization is having a firewall. A firewall generally acts as a vital security measure when your computer system is connected over a public network.  A firewall blocks unauthorized data packets and information from entering your computer, therefore leaving no way for malware to hijack your system, steal your confidential information, tamper with your data, or affect the general functioning of your PC.

You might have chosen to install the best antivirus on your computer, and also must have spent a small fortune buying a license. But as much as it is important to install it, keeping the antivirus database up to date is also vital if you want your computer to be able to withstand the latest security threats.

New viruses can literally pop up every day, and if your antivirus has no idea of that new kind of virus, it won’t be able to detect it and then perfrom the necessary tasks to quarantine and remove it. Antivirus databases are updated using the Internet, and should be done periodically, preferably every day. Thankfully, the process is automated most of the time. Also, you should be performing full system scans every few days, which might take a little bit of time but ensures that you are using your computer in a safe environment. Choose the best antivirus according to your budget, personal needs and computer specs, and protect yourself and your computer against the dangerous world of malware and hackers.

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    I use Microsoft Security Essentials in my Computer along with Iobit Advanced System Care.

    This combination works great!
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