Optimizing Your Online Presence: The Importance of Google +

Social media has become the most effective and innovative online communication capacity for users of all types, ranging from brick-and-mortar businesses to bloggers. Some social media sites have been generally focused on informal communication and personal online presence, but the introduction of Google Plus has changed the format for social media by utilizing an emphasis on user promotion and top-of-mind awareness. As the Internet continues its movement as the dominant marketing device in the economy, the thought of using one platform to centralize one’s online presence is very appealing, if not necessary. With the emergence of Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are now not the only options.

Google Network Integration

Google Plus was built with business in mind. The search engine optimization feature gives individuals using the platform for marketing a distinct ability to load proper keywords within all posts, linking to landing pages associated with the company website. Additionally, it is not just for online businesses only. Brick-and mortar advertisers will find the Google Maps integration to be an excellent location sales tool.

Internet based businesses can focus on using the SEO capacity to send traffic directly to their online ventures, and the Google Plus platform serves as an excellent hub for implementing all of your essential Google products.

Serious Digital Community

In many ways, Facebook created the social media market, but the website is awash in individual communication that has not been focused on advertising until recently. In addition, they use no analytical tools beyond collecting their own data. Google Plus is developed with the user in mind, regardless of the type of promotion. SEO marketing groups, such as Everspark Interactive, highly recommend the use of Google Plus as a modern marketing tool.

Although it is much smaller in user numbers than Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus still has a community in excess of 500 million. It is quickly becoming a highly effective means of building online presence and promotion, with all Google products included in the operational circle for the user. G+ gives the user the option to implement the Google products they choose and streamline the experience to fit their personal preference.

Gmail is an excellent example of an easy-to-use and popular Google product that is effortlessly integrated into the G+ social networking service. Once you link your G+ and Gmail accounts you are given the ability to have all mail forwarded to any additional personal or professional email boxes. A pretty useful feature for those juggling the day to day grind of running a business

Comprehensive Social Media Presence

Combining accounts on various social media platforms can also be a very effective method of enhancing your personal or professional brand online. It is important to use the same name when possible if the purpose is promoting a particular business. Name-branding is important to any sales operation, but a comprehensive marketing approach for using social media can definitely be achieved, especially with the Google Plus connection increasing SEO rankings for other social media.

Even though Google is really just getting started in the online social media market, it is clear that they enjoy advantages that no other major service provider can offer. Utilization of social media has been the latest development for a company that began with the concept of making a profit by providing information. Now, that information has become a provision for the many individuals, both professional and personal, who find the array of Google products to be exactly what they need for covering all functions of a successful and growing online presence. And, all it takes to get started with Google Plus is “Google” it!

Author Bio: Genoa O’Brien is a freelance writer and lover of technology. She shares this information on the growing relevance of Google Plus. Social media is now a crucial part of any business. You can find more tips on how to use Google plus and may other current marketing tools by visiting the Everspark Interactive website.

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