Is There a Place in the World of Vine and Instagram Video?

Vine and Instagram are making a huge difference in the marketing industry by helping companies expose their products and services to the world faster. More companies are recognizing the benefits of these low-cost forums that will help clients disseminate information faster to the public. If you are considering using Vine or Instagram, this is what you may want to know.

Companies, Like Nissan, are using Vine and Instagram to Promote Vehicles

Nissan recently created a promotional offer to the public to create a clip for the new Versa Note and post it on Vine or Instagram. The winner could have their clip featured in a new Nissan commercial. The company is selecting its nine favorite videos that will capture the most attention. The winners will be announced in September, and they will receive a $1,000 Amazon gift card. This is an excellent way to promote your company.

Comparing Instagram and Vine

Instagram users can capture up to 15 seconds of video, which is slightly longer than Vine. This is why more users are talking about Instagram over Vine. Other competitors are also entering the scene and trying to offer more video time than others. The main competitor is MixBit because it offers more features than both Instagram and Vine, but between Instagram and Vine, Instagram is a clear winner because Vine has no editing tools. Instagram recently introduced rudimentary ones.

Both Instagram and Vine will allow users to shoot multiple clips that are disjointed and later, string them together. Vine is more limited than Instagram because it will not allow users to delete the last clip in the series. Instagram will allow users to delete the last clip in the series, but Instagram will not delete the second clip in the series without deleting the third and fourth also. This is why Instagram is preferred by more users over Vine.

Instagram’s filters and stability technology is also superior to Vine. Vine appeals to a group of people who appreciate creativity and complexity. Instagram appeals to a wider variety of people.

According to pundits, Vine is not appealing to young consumers who want to create video, mashing, and mixing. This is why more people are turning to Instagram, but there is still some work to do in terms of functionality of Instagram. Additional technical work will help to improve the Instagram and will attract more users. With more users, there will more exposure, and people who accept Instagram and Vine as viable marketing tools.

Is There a Place in the World of Vine and Instagram Video?

The short answer is yes, but if they don’t improve, there will be other companies like MixBit to replace them in the industry. As competitors recognize the need that should be filled, more people will attempt to beat Instagram’s and Vine’s specifications. This is not difficult to do; so, they must be diligent about remaining competitive in the industry. Be patient, and you will soon have a low cost way to gain exposure for your company.

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