How To Play Hard Drive Files On Your Television

The field of online TV is growing at a remarkable pace, with sites such as YouTube and Vimeo offering an amount of material which conventional TV channels can only dream of. The one downside, however, is that watching films and TV programs over your computer, as opposed to a TV set, can often be awkward and uncomfortable. Many people doubtless wish that they could watch files which they have downloaded onto their hard drive over televisions. Well, as luck would have it, this is quite possible in this day and age. Here is a quick step-by-step guide:

Using a portable hard drive

If your TV set is capable of running films from a portable hard drive, then the first step will be to obtain such a device. Portable hard drives come in a range of different sizes, all at different prices – the larger ones will be a little more expensive, but if you want to enjoy superb graphics and excellent details, it will be a good idea to invest in a hard drive which will be big enough to hold high-res files.

Many recent televisions, particularly HDTV sets, will come with USB sockets and be capable of running movies straight from the hard drive – refer to the manual to see if this is the case with yours. Also, watching hard drive files via your television is relatively easy, as long as you follow the instructions that are stated above. If you are having trouble with it, you can always checkout with the manufacturer. Their personnel are more than willing to help.


Sampling the wealth of films and television which is available on the Internet does not have to entail sitting slumped over a laptop. By using one of the two methods above, you will easily be able to watch digital video files over your TV set just as you would any conventional broadcast television.

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