4 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Google ChromeBook to Other Laptops

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Google ChromeBookGoogle Chromebooks have finally arrived on the scene. You might also wish to check out the features of Google ChromeBook. The notebooks bearing the internet giant’s brand name and sporting hardware from manufacturers Acer and Samsung can now be purchased through Amazon and other retailers. Google’s Chromebooks have been surrounded by a lot of hype, so let’s examine the benefits they have over competing laptops.

100% Cloud Driven

The difference between Google Chromebooks and traditional laptops can be seen right from the outset. Whereas other computers rely on a local hard drive to store data, these new devices store everything in the cloud. Because there is no local file system to speak of, all your data is stored across the company’s farm of interconnected servers. This includes your documents, email messages from Gmail, and everything else. If you are a firm believer in Google’s robust internet infrastructure, you realize what a luxury this is. No more fumbling with discs or worrying about running out of space on your hard drive. Chromebooks make it so you have reliable storage with an infinite supply of resources to ensure that space is never an issue.

Unrivaled Speed and Performance

Even some of the fastest laptops fail to compare to the speed of Google Chromebooks. In fact, one of the main selling points of these unique devices is that they boot up and are ready to go in eight seconds and resume from standby in an instant. And since they are equipped with a solid state hard drive, Chromebooks have absolutely no moving parts within them, meaning your device is far less likely to suffer from a crashed drive or hardware failure. These aspects result in a laptop experience that is essentially unmatched from a performance standpoint, which is crucial no matter what you’re trying to get done.


Above all, Google Chromebooks were designed to deliver the ultimate web experience to the user. Some early reviews hint that they actually run much better online than off. The devices have Wi-Fi built-in to enable easy configuration with your home network or public access when you are away from the office. Faster access can be obtained through the blazing speeds of 3G connectivity on the Verizon network at the cost of an additional fee. As far as the web experience, Chromebooks are like a dream come true, providing you with convenient access to the all the sites, applications, and features you need to browse or conduct business online.


As you can see, Google Chromebooks could very well prove to be stiff competition for other laptops on the market. Apart from what has already been mentioned here, they offer the added benefit of being extremely affordable. Chromebooks start under $400 and are even available to business users in the form a convenient monthly payment plan. Whether or not Google’s new offering is truly a better option than what is currently on the market remains to be seen, but if you are on the hunt for a new laptop, the search company and its partners could have exactly what you need.

What would you prefer? A laptop or Google ChromeBook?

John Zenith is a consultant, best practices activist and advocate for leading Web and permission based email services.

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