Revive Your Old Blog Posts And Increase Reader Engagement

Old is gold
Old is gold, isn't?

In this fast-paced world of connectivity and internet, new posts are added to blogs and websites each day. In this accumulation of posts, older posts disappear, paving way for the newer ones.

That is how actually blogs are. As new posts come in, old posts get buried and are sometimes never found.

However, if you feel that the content of your previous and older blog posts are valuable, there are ways to retrieve them and make them appear before readers. Reviving older blog posts is essential and is an important aspect of efficient blogging.

Let me discuss some of the ways in which we revive our old blog posts at our discount coupon blog where we feature and istockphoto discount deals.

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A top ten or a best of list

It is advisable to make a list of your top ten blog posts from the beginning to the present day. Include those topics and posts in this list, which are your personal favorites and those which have received the maximum number of comments.

This shall enable the viewers to find out the most popular posts from this list, and they will not have to search through the entire list of posts.

You could create a squeeze page with some of your best and old posts in it. This will give readers some nice treat. You could update this page once in a while to keep it fresh.

Theme Posts

Another innovative way of reviving your old posts is by theme posting. Theme posts are a general overview or summary of all posts, written on a particular topic or theme. This is also a special category or list, which includes all posts, old and new, dealing with a particular subject or topic.

This is another way of archived blogging and shall prevent the older posts from becoming oblivious. Readers and viewers can have a simultaneous glance at older and latest posts.

Re-posting posts

An interesting way of reviving older posts and making them appear before readers is re-posting those posts that have been posted earlier. However, this does not imply that the re-post will be a ‘cut-copy-paste’ but an updated and edited version of the older posts, with added information, so that the existing URLs and inbound links do not break.

In this manner, the older posts regain their value, and they also re-appear before the viewers without being a mere duplication of the previous ones.

Related Posts

At the end of each blog posts, the links of related posts shall be added in order to navigate from one post to another. Older posts can be linked to similar newer posts in order to maintain the chain of reading. There are various plugins and options available for both WordPress and Blogger blogs that allows you to carry forward your task of linking older posts with the newer ones.

This is an effective way of linking posts, which is great for SEO and making the older posts readily available to the users and viewers.

Embedded Tags

This is an application which enables users to view a link that is embedded in the content of the post itself, not in the bottom of the content or at sidebars. Here again, you can go for handy plugins that will do the job. This shall help you to tag all the posts and then covert those tags into links. With the aid of this application, you can link older articles with the newer ones.

Some other measures

Apart from these tricks and strategies to bring life to your old blog posts, there are other ways of enlivening them as well. Your blog is not the only space or means of breathing a fresh lease of life to old blog posts; you can do the same with the aid of email newsletters as well. It is recommended to create some emails in your auto responder that is linked with your older posts to generate more traffic in your blog.

Finally, linking your old posts to some social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus can attract people to visit your blog and read posts. There are options through which you can shuffle posts, older and new and thereby enable people to visit the older content. For instance, the WordPress plugin “Tweet old post” can tweet your old posts regularly (you can set the time and frequency).

Thus, there are enough ways of preventing your old blog posts from disappearing into oblivion. Through these method, you can always keep them active and updated and maintain a constant flow of traffic to your blog or webpage.

How do you highlight your old blog posts to your readers?

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